FCC Seeks Comments on Net Neutrality

Comments to the FCC are due June 15 regarding the agencys inquiry into net neutrality. Reply comments will be due a month later, on July 16. Commissioners in March agreed to investigate whether net neutrality is a problem. It especially wants to know whether anyone has specific examples of beneficial or harmful behavior. FCC

Judge Declares Transcom Legitimate ESP

Nearly three months after it declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy under pressure from the nations second-largest phone company, Transcom Enhanced Services, a wholesale VoIP network operator, has been vindicated by the courts. Transcom calls itself an enhanced services provider (ESP), a definition SBC took issue with and fought to erase. As a wholesale VoIP network operator, Transcom works […]

CLEC Industry Awaits Final TRO Remand Order

Speculation regarding the outcome of the FCC’s final TRO Remand decision ran rampant during presentations at the ALTS 2004 Business and Policy Conference held Wednesday in Washington, D.C. FCC staffers, who appeared on many of the conference panels, were peppered with questions about the timing and contents of the anticipated ruling. As expected, answers were […]

Regulatory Workshop Explains the Rules of the Game

Each time you pass "Go," you may collect $200.<$> Every game has rules – and the competitive arena of telecom is no different. Because of the onslaught of information regarding rules and regulations bombarding telecom companies and agents, the Channel Partners Conference & Expo is offering a Regulatory Workshop on Wednesday, from 11:30 a.m. to […]

PARTNER CHANNEL: WorldCom Sends Mixed Signals Regarding Agents

Posted: 07/2002 WorldCom Sends Mixed Signals Regarding Agents By Tara Seals WITH THE EFFICIENCY OF A JEDI LIGHTSABER, WorldCom Inc. COO Ronald Beaumont shook up the channel galaxy in May. Beaumont said during a teleconference with analysts and the press that WorldCom’s agent program has been somewhat unsuccessful, and the carrier would scale back its […]

Regulatory News – Competitors Gain Ground Against Verizon in Massachusetts

Posted: 02/2001 Competitors Gain Ground Against Verizon in Massachusetts By Kim Sunderland Verizon Communication’s ( application to provide InterLATA services in Massachusetts "came close" to meeting the FCC’s approval standard, but not close enough after concerns emerged regarding its high-speed Internet service. Because Verizon withdrew its bid at the 11th hour–in mid-December–it now won’t gain a […]

Regulatory News – Strike Two Against Verizon Long Distance

Posted: 12/2000 Strike Two Against Verizon Long Distance By Kim Sunderland For the second time this year, Verizon Communications ( has cut a deal with federal regulators to pay a hefty amount to the U.S. Treasury ( in exchange for its termination of an investigation against the BOC. In each instance, the FCC ( was investigating […]

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