Sprint to Cut Jobs, Reports Continued Subscriber Loss

In an effort to combat a continued loss of wireless subscribers and profit, Sprint Nextel Corp. said Friday it would be closing down 8 percent of its 1,400 retail stores, along with more than 4,000 of its 20,000 third-party distribution points, while eliminating 4,000 jobs and cutting back on outsourced services and contractors in the […]

Regulatory News – IXCs, LECs Plot New Access Charges Course

Posted: 09/1999 IXCs, LECs Plot New Access Charges Course By Kim Sunderland Two of the nation’s largest long distance carriers have joined with four local exchange carriers (LECs) on a plan to revamp the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC’s) access charge rules. The proposal, submitted to the FCC in late July, would bring together two usually […]

Resellers Left in PIC-C Dust

Posted: 04/1998 By Khali Henderson Tom Coughlin is sure he’s got a story worthy of "60 Minutes." It’s not about his Cleveland-based long distance resale company, VISTA Communications, although the entrepreneurial CEO probably wishes it was. It’s not even about the phenomenal growth of the long distance resale industry in general, although the Telecommunications Resellers […]

What Went Awry?

Posted: 01/1998 By Charles C. Hunter Somewhere access charge reform went terribly awry, particularly in the manner it impacts small- to mid-sized interexchange carriers (IXCs). Expectations were great when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) initiated a rulemaking proceeding to address what the agency characterized as the third leg of its competitive trilogy–the other two legs […]

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