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Not all enterprises are outsourcing their phone operators to India, and a large market persists for technology solutions to make enterprise call centers and customer service operations run more efficiently. Channel partners are in a position to help their customers find a solution that works, and reap financial rewards in the process, by selling accompanying […]

Competition Could Reduce Small Business Phone Bills by $6 Billion

America’s small businesses saved more than $4 billion in 2003, and could save more than $6 billion this year thanks to expanded competition and innovations in telecommunications, according to an analysis released by the CompTel/ASCENT Alliance and the PACE Coalition. "The expansion of telecom competition is providing an important economic boost by reducing the cost […]

Phone Plus Prepaid: Pardon Our Dust

Posted: 09/2002 Pardon Our Dust Prepaid Wireless Positioning Under Construction "CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?" The slogan for Verizon Wireless also could be an anthem for U.S. prepaid wireless service providers that are seeking to reposition pay-as-you-go voice and data for users other than those without bank accounts. The transformation is not as simple as […]

PARTNER CHANNEL: Zen and the Art of Enhanced Video

Posted: 06/2002 Zen and the Art of Enhanced Video By Tara Seals From every corner of the communications business world, the chanting comes: Must reduce operational expenditures. Must gain ROI. Must drive value through fixed assets. Must be profitable. IP-based video applications and the platforms that make them possible may seem unlikely value-adds, but the […]

He Said, She Said

Posted: 1/2002 He Said, She Said Under Revised Rules, Third-Party Verifiers Pitch Live, Automated Benefits By Peter Lambert   "With automated systems, no superfluous information can be injected into the transaction." Travis Brown, director of account management, Speech Solutions iBasis Inc.  As with many a federal regulation, the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) first set of […]

Wholesale: Williams, Universal Access Will Reduce Provisioning Times

Posted: 01/2001 Williams, Universal Access Will Reduce Provisioning Times Universal Access Inc. (, a leading provider of network infrastructure services, and Williams Communications (, a leading international provider of telecommunications services and products for the carrier marketplace, announced in December that they have agreed on an arrangement that will improve service delivery intervals and accelerate […]

U.S. Efforts to Reduce International Calling Costs Starting to Pay Off

Posted: 10/1998 U.S. Efforts to Reduce International Calling Costs Starting to Pay Off By Carol L. Bowers Notwithstanding the pending lawsuit over the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC’s) attempt to reform international settlement rates last year, the agency is proceeding with an even greater overhaul that it says will benefit consumers worldwide. Regina Keeney, chief of […]

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