Very ‘Popular Networks’: Redefining VPNs

Posted: 09/2000 Very ‘Popular Networks’: Redefining VPNs By James R. Dukart ervice providers and software companies are finding one of the hottest areas in today’s corporate telecom world is the provisioning of so-called virtual private networks (VPNs). So-called, that is, because today’s VPNs are not exactly what they were a few short years ago. Until […]

Redefining Carrier Class

Posted: 12/1999 Redefining Carrier Class By David Gunning The current definition of "carrier class," which focuses primarily on the physical characteristics and attributes of telecommunications equipment (power consumption, earthquake survivability, etc.), is based on an antiquated view of the telecommunications industry. For decades, network operators and vendors have worked to comply with the various Network […]

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