ANI Networks Targets Wholesale Market

ANI Networks, the wholesale arm and affiliate network provider of NOS Communications Inc., now offers wholesale services to CLECs, resellers and carriers.As a long-time buyer of resold voice services, we recognized the trend of diminished wholesale vendor options and eroding margins, says Joe Koppy, CEO of ANI Networks. In solving that problem for ourselves through […]

CommPartners Closes TxLink Acquisition

Wholesale IP operator CommPartners has acquired TxLink, a privately held company that sells wholesale VoIP to enterprises, resellers, ISPs, PBX integrators and carriers. With the acquisition of TxLink, we will continue to expand our wholesale service offerings with a new proprietary line of services designed to offer our partners the best VoIP solutions available, says […]

Telecom, IT Companies Aid Tsunami-Stricken Countries

As governments confront the destruction from the Dec. 26 tsunami in Indonesia, the private sector is stepping in to talk about developing alert systems that could save thousands or millions of lives. Companies also are extending the use of their technologies and raising money for relief and humanitarian aid. On the alert front, San Diego-based […]

Personalization:The Key To Success In E-Marketing

Posted: 04/2002 Personalization: The Key To Success In E-Marketing By Maribeth Kuzmeski You already know marketing is about relationships. If you were a door-to-door salesman, you’d call Mrs. Jones by name, smile and make eye contact, and you’d show her how you could make her life easier. If you were sending her a direct mail […]

Red, White & Still Blue

Posted: 07/2001 Red, White & Still Blue Rival Service Providers Push to Bring Competition to Local Market–But Can it Happen? By Kim SunderlandFace it. It’s been five years since the Telecommunications Act of 1996 was signed into law, and local service competitors have snared only about 8 percent of the nation’s local telephone lines.While that […]

Santa’s Not Real

Posted: 12/1999 Santa’s Not Real When my kids ask me if Santa Claus is real, I’m afraid I’ll be able to say, "No," and without reservation. It seems the roly-poly, red velvet-clad, bearded icon of my youth has left physical comforts of the North Pole for good to take up residence in the circuitry that […]

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