Collaborative: PRODUCT NEWS

Posted: 8/2003 PRODUCT NEWS IP UNITY UPGRADES AUDIO, WEB CONFERENCING PLATFORM IP Unity Corp. announces the release of IP Unity Conferencing 2.0 with advanced features that include integration with Microsoft Corp.’s Outlook application, conference recording/playback capabilities and outcall/invite functionality. IP Unity Conferencing Service offers a set of audio- and Web-conferencing features — available for both […]

Double Check

Posted: 5/2003 Double Check Some New FTC Telesales Rules May Apply to Telecom Providers By Jim Veilleux Telecom companies that think they are exempt from the Federal Trade Commission’s new Telephone Sales Rule, which went into effect at the end of March, need to double check. There are at least two ways in which the […]

He Said, She Said

Posted: 1/2002 He Said, She Said Under Revised Rules, Third-Party Verifiers Pitch Live, Automated Benefits By Peter Lambert   "With automated systems, no superfluous information can be injected into the transaction." Travis Brown, director of account management, Speech Solutions iBasis Inc.  As with many a federal regulation, the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) first set of […]

Keep Your Customers Dialed-In

Posted: 1/2002 Keep Your Customers Dialed-In By Oscar A. AlbanIn an ideal world, we could strike the perfect balance between consumers calling us to purchase new products and those who need support or service issues addressed.Unfortunately, it’s a tough balance to achieve. While we want our customers to communicate with us, we also want to […]

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