Securing Opportunities

Securing Opportunities The Internet has given us lots to love and lots to be concerned about. As more and more small and medium businesses begin to embrace VoIP, unified communications and other IP technologies that provide a competitive edge, theres an accompanying recognition that these companies also need resources for securing those communications beyond a […]

Build Your Brand, Build Your Business: Use Your Companys Image to Catapult Profits

Entrepreneurs and business executives always strive to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. They want to outsell the competition, be known as a solutions provider to customers, and have those in their field perceive them as the market leader. Those are certainly lofty and admirable goals, but are they achievable? Yes! The secret is […]

Light A Fire

I recently called a company to make a purchase. A woman answered the phone and her voice was warm and friendly. I could hear the enthusiasm she had for her job when she asked how she could help me. I told her I wanted to order a product I had seen in a magazine. She […]

Can the Pygmalion Effect Boost Your Sales?

The Pygmalion Effect comes from Greek mythology. Pygmalion, the King of Cyprus, carved an ivory statue of the ideal woman and named her Galatea. He had high expectations for his creation. Through his own will and help from the goddess Venus, Pygmalion brought Galatea to life. Fast-forward to 1968 and a classic study that showed […]

Business News – Alliance Seeks Agent Recognition in Consumer Ads

Posted: 06/2000 Alliance Seeks Agent Recognition in Consumer Ads By Tara Seals The Agent Alliance ( announced in May an initiative to gain agent recognition in consumer advertising. The move is spearheaded by Paul Silicato, the alliance’s president and co-owner of Global Systems Telecom Inc. ( a prepared statement, the alliance urges carriers and resellers […]

Speech Recognition Blasts into Future

Posted: 02/2000 Speech Recognition Blasts into Future By Liz Montalbano Speech recognition technology took the giant step in 1999 from testing to deployment in such areas as directories, information retrieval and automated attendants. While industry experts say 2000 will be a year to hone those advances, others say the technology will spawn the deployability of […]

The Name Game

Posted: 12/1999 The Name Game Speech Recognition Ushers DA into 2000 By Liz Montalbano Directory assistance (DA) has come a long way since early telephone users relied on operators to connect them to the party they were calling. In recent years, time spent talking to a live operator when a user dials "411" in the […]

Carriers Target ISPs as Distribution Channel

Posted: 01/1999 Carriers Target ISPs as Distribution Channel By Liz Montalbano A variation on the oldest trick in the sales bible, telecommunications service providers are tapping an obvious but largely untapped distribution channel: Internet service providers (ISPs). Though industry experts snickered when Tel-Save Holdings Inc., New Hope, Pa., commissioned America Online Inc., Dulles, Va., to […]

Technically Speaking

Posted: 11/1998 Technically Speaking Voice Recognition May Soon Unseat DTMF By Jennifer Knapp Dual tone multifrequency (DTMF), the de facto standard user interface for most enhanced telecommunications services, is on the verge of being pushed aside by speech-recognition technology. "Microsoft has demonstrated in PCs (personal computers) the power that control of the user interface provides," […]

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