D-Link Updates VAR Program to Combat Recession

D-Link Systems Inc. Monday announced a 5 percent upfront discount from a partner’s distributor of choice and other sales incentives as part of its Premier Partner Program in an effort to help the company’s VARs during the recession. The rebate can be combined with other promotions to provide authorized D-Link VARs with additional revenue through […]

Virgin Mobile Slashes Rate Plan

Sure, there’s a recession-depression on. But that doesn’t mean cell phone bills need to cause angina, if Tier 2 operators have anything to do with it. Virgin Mobile USA is the latest “value brand” to slash its flat-rate calling plan to a nice round $50 number. The $50 all-you-can-eat calling plan was previously $80 per […]

Optimistic Partners Embrace New Models

Even as their vendors and customers are cutting back, IT solutions providers remain optimistic in the face of the recession, according to new survey data from Channel Insider. The results found channel partner confidence is buoyed by a growing percentage of their revenue coming from professional, managed and consultative services. The survey further found that […]

Research: SMBs Will Bounce Back From Recession Faster

A new report from Forrester Research (FORR) says tech-minded SMBs could be the first to successfully emerge from the recession, so telecom service providers better be ready to meet their needs. The report, called “A New SMB Market Phoenix Is Rising,” looks back at the history of SMBs and how they bounce back more quickly than […]

Gartners Tiffani Bova: Opportunities Lie in Transformational Technologies

Tiffani Bova has the unenviable task of balancing inspiration and pragmatism in her industry address, kicking off the Channel Partners Conference & Expo Sunday. “Flat is almost the new up,” she pronounced half-jokingly, referring to the forecast for IT/telecom spend for 2009. Bova’s official title is vice president of research at Gartner Inc., but a […]

Work Hard, Play Hard A Cliché and a Truism

By Pete Berns, Business Development Manager, Ernest Communications As the economy falters, we continuously hear about all that is bad in our world. Companies fail, people lose their jobs, we approach the future with fear, (understandably so as the global economy takes negative hits from all sides on a daily basis), and we fail to […]

New Rules for Recession Marketing

Been there. Done that. Sales and marketing execs may be tempted to fall back on techniques that got them through past recessions. But analysts at McKinsey & Company say that won’t work this time. There are new rules for marketing in this recession. Here are a few: No. 1: Rather than redoubling efforts on historically […]

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