Grow Your Business to New Heights Even During a Recession

Despite what the news media may report about the corporate world’s shrinking profits and troubled times, the fact is for any business, now is the perfect time to improve cash flow, increase productivity and enhance management skills. While it’s true that the current economy and ongoing social changes can be scary at times, realize there […]

Telecom Earnings Show Signs of Life

With most of the major telecom companies having reported second quarter earnings, it’s not time to celebrate the end of the recession that has hammered telecom along with the wider tech sector. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. “While it is far too soon to pop the champagne corks,” reported market […]

AT&T Consumer Exec: Economy Recovering

If the exec in charge of AT&T’s Inc.’s (T) consumer business is right, the economy is recovering, albeit gradually. “I think that we will continue to see gradual improvement, but small improvement, over a long period of time,” Ralph de la Vega told the Reuters Global Technology Summit in New York on Tuesday, as reported by […]

CompTIA: Managed Services Model Strong in Recession

Companies delivering technology solutions through a managed services model have weathered the current economic recession better than companies focused on more traditional product and support sales, new research from CompTIA reveals. Though profits from both groups have been negatively affected by the economy in the past year, managed services providers have been better able to […]

Why Too Much Choice Is a Bad Thing

By Morten Steen-Jorgensen, President and CEO, Brightstar Accessories Customers have plenty of choice when purchasing wireless devices and accessories – too much choice, in fact. With consumers tightening spending, retailers are feeling the pinch of declining sales and are looking for ways to lure customers back into their stores. Increasing product selection may look like […]

Forget the Economy 3 Ways to Boost Sales NOW

Making 2009 the best year in sales is easier than you may think. Many companies are having a good start and are not choosing to participate in the recession. They are not using blind optimism; rather they are choosing to take control of their company’s economy. The economy between your ears will affect you and […]

Agent Roundtable 2009

The independent agents and subagents are the heart and soul of the carrier channel. And, this year is testing them on both counts. PHONE+ Editor in Chief Khali Henderson assembled a group of six agency owners to discuss the challenges and opportunities they are experiencing in selling carrier services and diversifying their offers. The two-hour […]

Ask Steve: What Technologies Sell in a Down Economy?

Over the past several months people have been asking me about market share or penetration numbers for this-or-that technology. Being an analyst, I guess those types of questions come with the territory. Second, SMBs are asking how they can save money. This month Ask Steve will tackle both types of questions by presenting some of […]

VARs Optimistic About Economy, Poll Says

More than half (56 percent) of hardware resellers have seen their sales decline, but significantly more (87 percent) expected their year-over-year sales to remain unchanged or to increase in 2009, according to a survey conducted in March by MX Logic. In addition, the survey, which included more than 200 VARs, MSPs, IT consultants and systems […]

I Shovel Very Well

“Mystery Men” fans will recognize the immortal words of the “super hero” the Shoveler: “I shovel well. I shovel very well.” Besides being delivered perfectly dead pan by William H. Macy, I love this line because it so aptly describes someone committed to a singular purpose. We can argue all day about what he is […]

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