AT&T Leads Customer Satisfaction Improvement

One of the recession’s positive effects has been to push tech firms to improve their customer service, a new study finds. According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), Americans’ satisfaction with products including cable, satellite and telco TV, wireless and wireline phone service, remained steady in 2010’s first quarter. That was good news for […]

WiMAX Gains Ground Despite Recession

There might be a recession-based impact on capex by service providers, but WiMAX is still gaining ground, says the WiMAX Forum. WiMAX has spread its 4G self out to 519 networks in 146 countries, including 95 WiMAX networks deployed by 2G mobile operators. About 20 percent of those –112, to be exact – were added […]

Ask Steve: How Has the Recession Impacted SMB Technology Initiatives?

I’m not the first to tell you the economic situation is challenging. Small businesses, large businesses, channel partners, vendors: everyone is feeling the pinch. How have SMBs scrimped and saved? Which SMB-facing technology sectors are faring better? Yankee Group has some new survey data addressing these questions. Q: What kind of impact has the recession […]

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