Pushing the LEC Envelope

Posted: 10/2002 Pushing the LEC Envelope Third-party Clearing Evolves into Specialty Billing Service By Khali Henderson IN THE EARLY DAYS OF TELECOM COMPETITION when end users were resistant to change, inclusion of their call records on a LEC bill was pay dirt for startup competitive providers. It was an economical way to invoice and collect […]

Wholesale Voice Traffic

Posted: 03/2002 WHOLESALE CHANNEL Wholesale Voice Traffic Flocks to IP By Nick Regas and Judy Reed SmithUse of Internet protocol for wholesale voice telephony is an emerging high-growth market within the telecom industry. Wholesale voice over IP (VoIP) continues to play an increasing important role for telecom service providers as the pressure to decrease costs […]

Regulatory News – State Regulators’ Group Chides IXCs on Billing Practice

Posted: 08/2001 Regulatory News State Regulators’ Group Chides IXCs on Billing Practice By Kim Sunderland A new long-distance billing charge and the manner in which it has been imposed on customers equates to rate increases, says a group that represents state telecom regulatory commissioners. At the same time, the biggest of the Big Three IXCs […]

ATIS Discusses 500/900 Number Portability

Posted: 12/1997 ATIS Discusses 500/900 Number Portability WASHINGTON–The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) recently told the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that requiring portability of 500 and 900 number services only for services provided by local exchange carriers (LECs) is not practical. Last year the FCC asked ATIS’ Industry Numbering Committee (INC) to study the […]


Posted: 09/1997 CHANNEL OVER CHURN The Way You Get Customers Says a Lot About Whether You’ll Keep Them By Dr. Judy Reed Smith No doubt you’ve been reading a lot about churn and how to curb it by improving service, adding products, meeting customer expectations, etc. New research from ATLANTIC-ACM suggests that you also should […]

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