Compensating for Change

Compensating for Change With increasing portfolio complexity and a wide range of customer targets, resellers, master agents and service providers are wrestling with how to realign their indirect and direct sales channels to overcome a stagnate reality: Too many salespeople are unfocused, chasing the opportune sales instead of pursuing more difficult, highmargin prospects.

Mediated Reality

As the whirlwind race for the presidency showed us, we are highly dependent on the media as our link to the world; these days, whistle-stop tours don’t come through most towns. Similarly, mediation systems are a key informational link to what’s happening in carrier networks. And just as journalism has evolved from “reporting what happened” […]

Reality Check

Posted: 12/1999 Reality Check It May Be Time for a Regulatory Audit By Neil S. Ende If your company is like many telecommunications services re-sellers, it has not fully considered regulatory issues in structuring the business, nor in budgeting or planning timelines. Don’t make this mistake–it can be costly. Like it or not, the telecommunications […]

It’s Time for Internet QoS To Become Reality

Posted: 04/1999 It’s Time for Internet QoS To Become Reality By Ashley Stephenson Everyone agrees that business use of the Internet is a rapidly growing phenomenon. With its lower cost and global availability, the Internet is emerging as a truly viable alternative to private wide area networks (WANs), but it will rise to supremacy only […]

Myths and Misconceptions of IP Telephony

Posted: 03/1999 Myths and Misconceptions of IP Telephony By Ofer Gneezy Internet protocol (IP) telephony continues to heat up the already smoking telecommunications industry. As VIP Calling Inc., Burlington, Mass., and other next-generation telcos play David to the established circuit-switched Goliaths, we alternately are buoyed by some analysts’ predictions of an "imminent packetized world" and […]

Residual Value Separates the Builders from the Scavengers

Posted: 09/1998 Residual Value Separates the Builders from the Scavengers By Casey Freymuth The single-most important aspect in any business model is a factor whose elusiveness often causes it to be virtually ignored in operational planning and investment. Yet, without it, earnings are as stable as today’s outstanding receivable and tomorrow’s close rate. Its name […]

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