Ready, Willing &Web-enabled

Posted: 2/2003 Ready, Willing & Web-enabled Key SMBs Prime Targets for Web Collaboration Tools By Helen Chan THE USE OF THE INTERNET for collaborative purposes among some small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) is an emerging trend. The increase in SMB broadband adoption — estimated at a 17 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2001 […]

PARTNER CHANNEL: Frame Relay is Ready for its Close Up

Posted: 11/2002 Frame Relay is Ready for its Close Up By Tara Seals FRAME RELAY, THE GRANDE DAME of wide area networking, is definitely over the hill by industry standards. However, like the aging silent film actress in Sunset Boulevard, frame relay is holding on to its glory–and its market share. New functionality for the […]

VoDSL: Ready For Prime Time

Posted: 11/2000 VoDSL: Ready For Prime Time By Stefan Knight By Stefan Knight VoDSL is coming of age as carriers are rolling out services throughout the United States. Among the carriers who have entered this growing market are Focal Communications Corp. ( with NorthPoint Communications Group Inc. ( Mpower Communications Corp. (www. Network Plus […]

Opcenter: Are You Ready for Virtual Distribution?

Posted: 06/2000 Are You Ready for Virtual Distribution? By James Olsen It’s no secret the rush to jump on the IP bandwagon fuels the unprecedented rate of change in today’s communications industry. Less obvious is the impact IP technology has in making distribution as virtual as the networks and services delivered. Subscribers want instant access […]

Get Ready to Rumble

Posted:  02/2000 Get Ready to Rumble Pro-Bell Broadband Legislation Unravels the Telecom Act By Kim Sunderland In the world of telecom legislation, this is better than a Hulk Hogan versus Jesse Ventura wrestling match. It’s more engrossing than the NFL’s Super Bowl. It’s even bigger than a possible bipartisan presidential ticket. This is the drama […]

Maintaining Sales-Force Fitness

Posted: 12/1998 Maintaining Sales-Force Fitness By Jonathan B. Haller Editor’s Note: This is the second of two parts. Last month’s article discussed the dearth of qualified telecom sales representatives. This month’s column covers maintaining sales-force readiness. There is a two-pronged challenge plaguing the communications industry. The first, discussed in last month’s column, is that more […]

Seven-Year Switch

Posted: 08/1998 Seven-Year Switch They say all the cells in your body are regenerated every seven years. Yet, somehow, very little about our appearance is renewed; in fact, we are just grayer, flabbier versions of our former selves. So much for cell memory. If we are basically unimproved physically, then, certainly, there must be some […]

Major Carriers Ready as Internet Telephony Prepares to Soar

Posted: 10/1997 Major Carriers Ready as Internet Telephony Prepares to Soar By Gary Kim Only a small portion of today’s $71.2 billion of domestic U.S. long distance phone calls are made using Internet Protocol (IP) software. Quality and ease of use are clear problems, so far. So most observers don’t think IP-based telephony will be […]

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