Ready or Not

LIKE MUCH OF COMMUNICATIONS THESE DAYS, conferencing, specifically, Web conferencing, is starting to see the impact of VoIP. Today,Web conferencing largely is two separate simultaneous conferences one over the Internet and one over a standard dialin audio bridge, with all the toll charges that such conferences entail. With VoIP, the entire conference voice and data […]

Verizon Business Ready to Invest in International, Triple VoIP Capacity

Verizon Communications Inc.s enterprise business group, which was renamed Verizon Business following the acquisition and integration of MCIs business group, is committed to international like never before and plans to make an investment announcement on the international front within the next week or two, said Wayne Huyard, executive vice president of global sales and services […]

Reports: Feds Ready to Indict Former Qwest CEO

Federal prosecutors are ready to go after former Qwest Communications International Inc. CEO Joe Nacchio, according to news reports. The Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News said today a federal grand jury is meeting in Denver as the feds prepare to seek a criminal indictment against Nacchio. Prosecutors have said the investigation focuses on insider […]

Q Comm Retailers to Offer Ready Mobile Products

Ready Mobile LLC, an MVNO, will offer Q Comm International Inc.s retailers the Ready Mobile and Mojo Mobile Phone-in-box kits and airtime. Q Comm provides prepaid transaction processing and electronic point-of-sale distribution services. The new wireless products will be offered to Q Comms retail network of more than 3,800 merchants; merchants can co-brand products for […]

Qwest Offers OCN Billing Option for IP Voice Terminating Service

Qwest Communications International Inc. today announced it will provide operating company number-based (OCN) billing to wholesale facilities-based carrier customers of its IP voice termination services. The new billing option provides pricing at the individual OCN/LATA level, giving wholesale customers the ability to manage costs more effectively. Traditionally, customers pay for services using blended or averaged […]

TowerStream: Ready for WiMAX, Ready for More Partners

TowerStream Corp. is a fixed-wireless broadband provider that prides itself on completely bypassing the RBOCs to provide Internet access to end users, alleviating wait times and stress. The company recently launched its partner program, and is anticipating the arrival of WiMAX standards certification, even though it already operates on pre-WiMAX technology with WiMAX-ready gear. Read […]

IP VPNs Ready for Take Off

IP virtual private networks (VPN) are the Lear Jets of the networking world: They make sure offices, departments, telecommuters or employees on the road with broadband access can travel safely across the public Internet by using secure, encrypted tunnels to open up private paths of communication. There’s no need to clear flight paths or wait […]

Get Ready for the Collapse of Traditional Access Charges

Posted: 1/2004 Get Ready for the Collapse of Traditional Access Charges By Allen Long Over the last two decades, changes in the telecommunications industry have strained the traditional access charge structure to the breaking point. This structure is likely to collapse during the next two years, and savvy service providers should prepare now for this […]

Collaborative: IP Video Gets Ready for Primetime

Posted: 8/2003 IP Video Gets Ready for Primetime By Tara Seals Demand for IP video applications among small and medium-sized businesses is rising. Helping things along is a flurry of recent product launches catering to service providers interested in delivering IP video to this market segment, while leapfrogging limitations in existing broadband networks and the […]

DSL Resale Ready to Hit One Out of the Park

Posted: 3/2003 DSL Resale Ready to Hit One Out of the Park By Tara Seals 2002 was like spring training for DSL after a long, cold off-season. The teams got warmed up and likely contenders began to emerge. This year, the access technology could hit a homer with end users, especially because the Big League […]

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