IN-BOX Good Stuff I don’t believe I’ve missed an issue of PHONE+ since 1996. This latest issue (July 2000) was one of the more informative ones I’ve read in a while. Packed full of good stuff. Your folks are doing a good job. Regards, Boris Gutierrez Info Directions Inc. Desperately Seeking … I read […]

TAG, You’re It

Posted: 10/1999 TAG, You’re It If you’ve ever taken the time to read PHONE+’s tagline (it’s underneath the logo on the cover … go ahead and take a look), you’ll see that it’s not only a trade magazine for carriers and resellers, but for agents as well. Uniquely, PHONE+ devotes a portion of its monthly […]

Read My Lips

Posted: 06/1998 A PHONE+ Exclusive Read My Lips International Buying Alliance Gives Multinational Carriers a Raspberry By Khali Henderson At the Intelsat-hosted global traffic meetings in Washington in May there was at least one new player at the negotiating table: the Telecom Buying Alliance (TBA), a consortium of some 50 small- to mid-size long distance […]

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