Parallel Universes

Posted: 03/1999   Parallel Universes Large equipment vendors have concluded that it’s too much to ask customers to install, configure, integrate and manage the complex technologies this industry continues to pull together, which is why–through acquisitions and mergers–they are rapidly evolving into technology superstores. Soon they will be capable of equipping service providers with most, […]

Special Access

Posted: 06/1998 Special Access IXCs Seek CLECs for Local Connections By Ken Branson Long distance and local exchange companies one day may be integrated communications providers. But for now, they still operate in an environment that resembles the regulated-monopoly environment of the past. For example, long distance companies still typically purchase local network access, or […]

Tales of Ulysses

Posted: 12/1997 Tales of Ulysses CGX Expands its Embrace from Operator Services to the Internet with a Reach that Spans Ten Years, Several Continents and Some New Technology By Peter Meade When Ulysses G. Auger II joined the family business in June 1972, he was thinking more about room service than phone service. Auger Enterprises, […]

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