RCN Business Adds AWS

AWS Direct Connect customers can now link to AWS Direct Connect locations using RCN Business’ network.

RCN Metro Optical Networks Completes Upgrades

RCN Metro Optical Networks, a division of RCN Corp. (RCNI) and a provider of fiber optic-based network solutions, announced it completed the upgrade of the access layer of its Ethernet network to include 10 Gigabit Metro Ethernet-based transport at several key locations. With the addition of 10 Gigabit Metro Ethernet at the access layer, RCN Metro […]

RCN Tries to Edge Zayo Out of FiberNet Purchase

Zayo Group LLC might not be FiberNet Telecom’s (FTGX) buyer after all. Enterprise-minded cable operator RCN (RCNI) has swooped in with a $96 million purchase offer, a sum that certainly surmounts Zayo’s $88 million. And it was clear from the outset of the proposed Zayo-FiberNet transaction – announced in May – that “any superior proposals” made by […]

RCN Wraps Up NEON Merger

RCN Corp. this week wrapped up its merger of NEON Communications Group and unveiled its expanded commercial division. The East Coast companies announced in June that they would merge for up to $5.25 per share in a deal totaling approximately $260 million. RCN is one of several CLECs that offers video services, along with voice and […]

RCN to Use deltathree VoIP Platform

RCN Corp. will use deltathrees consumer VoIP platform to help it expand its service area, the companies said Thursday. RCN will offer a VoIP phone service implemented via deltathree’s platform to supplement its current switched-based domestic and international phone services. deltathree’s hosted consumer VoIP solution will provide RCN with platform components such as Web development, […]

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