What Will the RBOCs Do Next?

Posted: 2/2003 special report: viewpoint What Will the RBOCs Do Next? By Andrew O. Isar and Lisa Korner Butler AFTER INITIATING PERHAPS one of the most bloody and costly regulatory battles ever fought to retain market dominance, what’s left for the RBOCs to do? As the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) review of incumbent unbundled network […]

It’s a Jump Ball!

Posted: 1/2003 It’s a Jump Ball! By Arunas A. Chesonis THE THRILL OF THE FAST-BREAK, the beauty of a three-point shot that hits "nothing but net," the power of a slam dunk and the discipline of a well played zone defense. Each of these basketball strategies could describe the dynamic situation of the telecommunications industry […]

UNE Pricing

Posted: 11/2002 UNE Pricing: Facts & Fictions By Walt Blackwell AS AN INDUSTRY, WE HAVE MADE REAL progress in the nationwide availability of the UNE-Platform at reasonable rates. Many states, in particular, have acted on RBOC challenges to pricing and availability of unbundled network elements. Not surprisingly, the RBOCs are proving they would rather keep […]

In Box: Going Back on Their Word

Posted: 10/2002 Going Back on Their Word In response to an article on the PHONE+ website], it is interesting that BellSouth, SBC, Verizon and Qwest all claim UNE-P is sold at rates below cost and provides high profits to CLECs. All of these companies are concerned about the loss of access lines and the attendant […]

Survivor: Telecom

Posted: 10/2002 Survivor: Telecom Who Will Outdo the Competition? Experts Pick Their Favorites Philip Jacobson CONTESTANTS ON THE CBS series Survivor have nothing on today’s telecom executives. Dropped into the heart of the tech bust, these players have had it tougher longer than any two-bit game show contestant. Of course, today’s telecom marketplace is far […]

ROUND TABLE: on Extending Bell Separate Affiliate Rules

Posted: 10/2002 Round Table … … on Extending Bell Separate Affiliate Rules … "[Separate affiliate] requirements should be extended for an additional three years beyond the date that the RBOC is authorized to provide in-region interLATA telecommunication services. This course of action is justified by evidence showing that the [RBOCs] continue to leverage their power […]

Don’t Fall for the Myth of Stability

Posted: 09/2002 Don’t Fall for the Myth of Stability By Phil Jacobson THE BOOM-BUST CYCLE WE’VE seen from 1995 to today is the result of the incredible realization that the way information is passed from brain to brain on this planet has gone through a transformation. Now the boom phase is over and the bust […]

In Box

Posted: 08/2002 In Box Recording the Lack of Competitive Progress Has PHONE+ done any articles lately on the failure of the Telecom Act? More importantly has there been any effort to create a ground swell of support for the CLEC industry against the complete and blatant refusal of RBOCs to comply with the act. I […]


Posted: 04/2002 The New Robber Barons By Neil S. Ende NOT SINCE THE DAYS of the robber barons has an industry group flexed its monopoly muscle with such complete impunity. Indeed, in virtually every aspect of their conduct, the regional Bell operating companies (RBOCs) have leveraged and abused their monopoly power to effectively destroy any […]

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