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Posted: 03/2002 TRADING DESK  Trading Desk Links 360networks www.360.netAmerex Energy www.amerexenergy.comArbinet-thexchange www.thexchange.comAtlantic-ACM www.atlantic-acm.comBandwidth Market Ltd. www.bandwidthmarket.comBand-X Ltd. www.band-x.comCantor Telecom www.cantor.comEnron Broadband Services Inc. www.enron.comEnron Corp. www.enron.comEPIK Communications www.epik.netGoldman Sachs www.goldmansachs.comLevel 3 Communications Inc. www.level3.comMadison Dearborn Partners www.mdcp.comMetromedia Fiber Network Inc. www.mmfn.comMorgan Stanley Private Equity www.morganstanley.comRateXchange Corp. www.ratexchange.comTeleGeography Inc. www.telegeography.comTFS Telecom www.tfsbrokers.comWorldCom Inc. www.worldcom.com 

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Posted: 2/2002 Trading Desk Trading Desk Links The American National Standards Institute www.ansi.orgAquila Inc. www.aquila.comArbinet-thexchange www.thexchange.comBand-X Ltd. www.-band.x.comDynegy www.dynegy.comEl Paso Corp. www.epenergy.comEnron Corp. www.enron.comFiberloops www.fiberloops.comThe International Telecommunications Union www.itu.chLighTrade Inc. www.lightrade.comRateXchange Corp. www.ratexchange.comReliant Energy Inc. www.reliantenergy.comTFS Telecom www.tfsbrokers.com Universal Access Inc. www.universalaccess.comWilliams Communications Group Inc. www.wiliamscommunications.com

Trading Desk: Going for Brokerage: RateXchange Regroups

Posted: 1/2002 Trading Desk Going for Brokerage: RateXchange Regroups By Tara Seals “We’ll broker wherever the opportunity is, whether it’s minutes or IP or bandwidth or stocks and bonds, but we’re not jumping into opportunities where we don’t have expertise.” –Russ MatulichRateXchange senior vice president RateXchange Corp. plans to be cash-flow positive early this year. […]

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Posted: 1/2002 Trading Desk Carriers Seek Rewards of Risk Management Going for Brokerage: RateXchange Regroups Band-X Expands IP Access Points in New York NEWS BRIEFS

Trading Desk – Software to Help RateXchange Chop IP Services into Pieces

Posted: 10/2001 Trading Desk Software to Help RateXchange Chop IP Services into Pieces By Josh Long RateXchange Corp. plans to activate routers in network access points around the country during the fourth quarter. The activation is part of its strategy to accelerate the number of transactions involving IP services. The new offering is in competition […]

Trading Desk – Metro Connectivity Advances Bode Well for Trading

Posted: 09/2001 Trading Desk Metro Connectivity Advances Bode Well for Trading By Tara Seals Metropolitan-area interconnection is beginning to exhibit signs of life. This is good news for capacity trading, which depends on metro connectivity to achieve its potential. But the market has a ways to go.Industry players acknowledge that bringing buyers and sellers together […]

Trading Desk – NEWS BRIEFS

Posted: 09/2001 Trading Desk NEWS BRIEFS* RateXchange Corp. (www.ratexchange.com) plans to tackle trading’s well-publicized credit-risk issues by adding buyer credit information via Avantrust Inc‘s (www.avantrust.com) Passport, a web-based, real-time credit verification tool. Meanwhile, sellers can purchase Avantrust’s TradeCredit insurance to protect against buyer nonpayment. Avantrust, a joint venture between American International Group Inc. (AIG, www.aigcorporate.com) […]

Trading Desk – News Briefs

Posted: 06/2001 Trading Desk NEWS BRIEFS* RateXchange Corp. (www.ratexchange.com) has joined with TeleCity plc (www.telecity.com) to launch “IP Access.” To address a major IP trading issue, TeleCity will measure key QoS metrics on Internet providers’ networks, enabling buyers to compare quality and make informed purchase decisions. Telecity, an Internet infrastructure and outsourcing service provider, also […]

Trading Desk – News Briefs

Posted: 05/2001 Trading Desk News Briefs Williams Communications (www.williamscommunications.com) has posted a version of a master trading agreement on the Competitive Telecommunications Association’s (CompTel, www.comptel.org) website, giving bandwidth traders two choices. One posted in December is being called the "energy traders" contract, largely because it is patterned after the agreement that Enron Corp. (www.enron.com) uses […]

Trading Desk – RateXchange Launches IP Access with TeleCity

Posted: 05/2001 Trading Desk RateXchange Launches IP Access with TeleCity RateXchange Corp. (www.ratexchange.com) and TeleCity PLC Internet Exchange (www.telecity.co.uk), Europe’s leading provider of Internet infrastructure and outsourcing services, jointly announced that they have launched the RateXchange "IP Access" Internet access service. TeleCity is building and will run the physical exchange upon which the neutral RateXchange […]

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