Angry Ex-Employees Disrupt Nortel Event in England

The venom among laid-off Nortel workers seems to be just as strong across the pond as it is in Canada and the U.S. Some former employees rallied at a hotel in England last week to pressure the telco giant and professional services firm Ernst & Young to negotiate severance for the 229 laid-off workers, many […]

21st Century Technology Meets Old-Fashioned Customer Value

Channel partners are on the front lines, helping American businesses large and small transition to the communications platform of the 21st century. As part of this Campaign for Convergence, partners need to rally around basic customer values support, service and savings. That’s the focus of the educational program at the upcoming Fall 2006 Channel Partners […]

Big Booths, High Energy Rally Attendees

February 2004 marked the return of the big booth to the CompTel/ASCENT Alliance shows, with companies including Sprint, BellSouth Interconnection Services, Qwest Communications International Inc. and MCI contributing to the re-energized feel of the telecom industry by erecting the large booths more often found in years past. Optimism and high hopes charged the atmosphere, and […]

RESELLER CHANNEL: Resellers Rally `Round T1 Resurgence

Posted: 07/2002 Resellers Rally `Round T1 Resurgence By William Matern For years, data communications pundits have predicted T1/E1 soon would be obsolete, replaced by Ethernet, gigE, DSL and other data transports. Predictions aside, telecom carriers and resellers still are focused on transporting voice and data over T1 because demand continues to grow, profit margins are […]

Lobbyists Rally Competitive Industry for Long Fight Ahead

Posted: 11/2001 Lobbyists Rally Competitive Industry for Long Fight Ahead By Tara Seals and Kim Sunderland Photos by Stewart Ash It would be a political disaster for the current administration to allow the competitive telecom industry to fail, according to the top lobbyists representing the sector’s major trade groups.“They can’t afford to let our industry […]

Stock Watch – Market Stages Rally, Closes in Positive Territory

Posted: 06/2001 Stock Watch Market Stages Rally, Closes in Positive Territory Easter week closed (April 16–our trading deadline) in positive territory for the Dow after a four-day rally that sent tech stocks to their second-best week ever. The good news was tempered, however, by rocky forecasts and earnings by many companies. Still, the overall sentiment […]

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