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Virgin Mobile USA Expands Broadband2Go Distribution

Virgin Mobile USA is expanding the retail footprint for Broadband2Go, its 3G nationwide wireless Internet service without an annual contract, monthly subscription or activation fee. Retailing at $99.99, Broadband2Go can now be purchased directly from as well as more than 1,000 Best Buy Mobile stores, 4,300 Radio Shack stores, Sam’s Club kiosks via Radio […]

Fewer Than 150K Palm Pre Units Available? Seriously?!

Considering the fact it’s perhaps – no, wait – certainly, the most hyped gadget release of the year, why will there only be 150,000 Palm Pres available for sale June 6? At least that’s what a Collins Stewart analyst is saying. He says the Hong Kong-based manufacturer isn’t able to produce the smartphone in mass […]

Palm Pres Might Be Very Scarce June 6

Now that the hype over when the Palm Pre will be available for purchase is over, the new hype concerns how big a shortage there will be on opening day, June 6. Boy Genius is reporting that each Best Buy store will only have four Pres to sell that day. Worse yet, Radio Shack stores […]

Report: Radio Shack to Sell Verizon Wireless

In the wake of Circuit City’s demise, Radio Shack may leap into the wireless breach and pick up that lost distribution for Verizon Wireless. That’s according to a report in, which said sources confirmed that Verizon will be back at the Shack after an almost 4-year hiatus. The Ft. Worth, Texas-based electronics retailer had […]

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