Keeping Pace in the IPTV Race

With the rapid pace of consumer, device and technology change in the IP video industry, some service providers likely feel keeping pace is about as easy as solving a Rubiks Cube blindfolded, hence the creation of a COMPTEL PLUS three-session IPTV track spanning three core topics. The track, sponsored by Cisco Systems Inc., begins today […]

Who Will Win the Race Back to the Future?

Remember when there was one phone company? With all the merger activity in the telecommunications industry, doesnt it seem that we are heading back to the future? With SBC Communications Inc. buying AT&T Corp., Verizon Communications Inc. swallowing MCI Inc., and Sprint Corp. and Nextel Inc. merging to create Mega Telcos, the number of big-brand […]

What’s Driving VoIP?

While productivity features are driving business and consumer demand for VoIP, whitelabel programs are accelerating its deployment by cablecos, CLECs and other providers. Retail offers available for rebranding include IP Centrex and hosted IP voice systems with enhanced features like unified messaging for businesses, and broadband telephony via the Internet to replace local dial tone […]

The Race to All-Packet

Posted: 1/2004 The Race to All-Packet By Tara Seals In the rush to be market leaders and prime movers, U.S. carriers household name, big brand players now are competing for top prize in a new competition: voice over IP. With every RBOC announcing imminent rollouts of VoIP services and the likes of AT&T Corp. and […]

Carrier Channel: Gigabit Ethernet Race Picks Up Speed

Posted: 6/2003 Gigabit Ethernet Race Picks Up Speed By Khali Henderson Gigabit Ethernet is at a crossroads. At once it is finding a market among large enterprises, but lacking in sellers. Most of the entrepreneurial champions of high-speed Ethernet technology in the metro — the so-called EtherLECs — were stopped in their tracks by telecom’s […]


Posted: 1/2003 Overheard… "We are not looking for a free ride. We are just trying to figure out how to compete." –Gabe Battista, chairman and CEO of Talk America Inc., referencing a proposal filed Nov. 6 with the Federal Communications Commission by 10 local phone companies offering what may be the first formal compromise over […]

Wholesale Metro IP Gets "GigE-boost"

Posted: 12/2000 Wholesale Metro IP Gets "GigE-boost" By Khali Henderson This month, IP Networks Inc. (www.ipnetworksinc.com) turns up its 300-mile Gigabit IP backbone in Northern California, joining an emerging group of wholesalers gobbling up dark fiber to offer fast pipes for a fraction of the cost. IP Networks and its competitors (see "Select Gigabit IP […]

Regulatory News – BA-GTE Pairing Heads Up Local, Wireless Race

Posted:  08/2000 BA-GTE Pairing Heads Up Local, Wireless Race By Kim Sunderland There’s a new leader in the race to control the local and wireless segments of the telecom industry since the FCC (www.fcc.gov) approved the Bell Atlantic Corp. (www.bell-atl.com) and GTE Corp. (www.gte.com) merger earlier this summer.Setting 25 conditions, the FCC approved a two-year-old […]

Business News – IDT Latest Entrant in Nickel-Minute Race

Posted: 06/2000 IDT Latest Entrant in Nickel-Minute Race By Khali Henderson After two months of strong in-market results, IDT Corp. (www.idt.com) launched an aggressive multimedia consumer campaign for five-cents-a-minute long-distance phone service, making it the latest to join the nickel-minute race. Sprint Communications Inc. (www.sprint.com), MCI WorldCom Inc. (www.wcom.com) and a few smaller competitors have […]

What’s Bugging Us?

Posted: 08/1999 What’s Bugging Us? Not nearly enough, it seems. In my favorite science fiction novel, "Ender’s Game," author Orson Scott Card fashions a world that is connected by computer network, allowing people to communicate in online forums not unlike today’s chat rooms. Two of the characters, genetically architected prodigies, hide their youth and identities […]

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