No Way Master Agencies Should Require Quotas

There are masters out there that the author doesn’t even consider working with due to their yearly quotas and their refusal to build in a ramped commission plan.

Sidestepping Quota Quicksand

If you feel the need to agree to some form of quota, there are steps you can and must take to limit your risk and exposure.

Global Capacity Group Launches Agent Program

Global Capacity Group Inc. (GCG), which delivers wholesale network services to carriers and large enterprises, has launched a nationwide telecommunications agent program. The company said the program will couple an aggressive commission structure with products including Layer 2 Ethernet service, MPLS VPNs and  managed network monitoring services that include CPE. More enterprises are “looking for technical […]

Raise the Bar

Posted: 8/2003 Raise the Bar How to Set Effective Quotas By Gary Lawrence For sales managers, the recurring challenge is how to set quotas that follow the business plan and motivate sales force. They wrestle with keeping the sales force engaged and striving to meet and exceed the sales goals set with the intent of […]

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