Customer Interaction Culture Key to Profitability

Exceptional customer service is key to building customer loyalty and, thus, ensuring long-term profitability. Loyalty shapes people’s choices on what they purchase, how they purchase and where they purchase. In a study conducted by the Forum Corp. on why customers changed brands, more than 60 percent switched because of poor service and lack of personal […]

Expert Eye For The Channel Guy

Market Race’sMichael Fair PAETEC’sArunas Chesonis PAETEC’sGary Eisenberger Deloitte Consulting’sElizabeth Faber AlignedGrowth Partners’Hedley Lawson Jr. At the Spring 2004 Channel Partners Conference and Expo, PAETEC Communications Inc. CEO Arunas Chesonis led a well-attended Tuesday morning general session titled, “Expert Eye for the Channel Guy,” inspired by the cable TV show, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.” […]

Your Phone is Ringing . . . Now What?

Posted: 10/2003 Your Phone is Ringing . . . Now What? CSRs Key to Winning, Keeping Customers By David Saxby Every day, your phone is ringing. Your customers are calling with a need and an interest in purchasing one of your products or services. Every time your phone rings, you have a sales opportunity. As […]

Collaborative: The Art of Selling Collaborative Software

Posted: 8/2003 The Art of Selling Collaborative Software QUESTIONS TO ASK DURING EACH PHASE OF THE SALES PROCESS By David Coleman and Bob Sayle Selling a collaborative software technology to a prospective customer is no different than selling any other type of software application — you need to understand the customer and why they would […]


Posted: 4/2003 Overheard… "It can best be described as our day of the hanging chad. We got three votes, and we don’t want to go back and count them again." –David W. Dorman, chairman and CEO, AT&T Corp., during his keynote address at the Comptel Annual Conference & Exposition, referring to the FCC’s Triennial Review […]

PARTNER CHANNEL: Broadwing Centralizing

Posted: 1/2003 Broadwing Centralizing Agent Program Management By Tara Seals AGENT SUPPORT IS MOVING to the center at Broadwing Inc., the company said in late November, and it will spend less time recruiting and more time serving existing partners. "We have spent the past year aggressively acquiring new partners and agents and would now like […]

Sales seminar: How to Avoid Being the Designated Loser

Posted: 10/2002 SALES SEMINAR How to Avoid Being the Designated Loser Wayne M. Thomas, D.B.A EARLIER THIS YEAR there was a big hullabaloo about whether David Letterman would leave CBS for ABC. Millions of dollars were at stake for both networks. By becoming the center of a bidding war, Letterman gained leverage to play the […]

Trading Desk – Trading Post with Derrick Parkhill

Posted: 05/2001 Trading Desk Trading Post This month’s telecom Q&A, with Derrick Parkhill, vice president of Amerex Bandwidth. Q: What Is the Role of Telecom’s Large Debt Obligations in Bandwidth Trading Development? A: The looming debt issue is perhaps the one single thing that may force the hand of the telecoms that have, to date, […]

Trading Desk: News Briefs

Posted: 12/2000 News Briefs * Commodity buyers will use e-marketplaces increasingly to control raw materials’, according to a new Forrester Research Inc. ( report, "Reining in Commodity Costs." Research analysts say that while most commodity marketplaces can’t muster the volume required to create Nasdaq-style exchanges, the information flowing from them empowers purchasers to lower supply […]

Trading Desk: Why Establish a Bandwidth Trading Desk?

Posted: 11/2000 Why Establish a Bandwidth Trading Desk? A: As telecom companies become more familiar with the "commoditization" of bandwidth, they usually want to know what the implications are, and how they might take advantage of the emerging environment. Adaptation, for some, has meant establishing a "trading desk," or for the more fearful, a "pricing" […]

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