Enforceability of Telecom Contract’s Automatic Renewal Questioned

By Kathleen Brown, Executive Director, TelecomAssociation TelecomAssociation received an inquiry this week from an agent member trying to win a $1,000-per-month business customer from a competing local service provider. The agent’s prospective business customer signed a one-year agreement 27 months ago. The customer was getting ready to switch to the agent’s recommended new provider until […]

AT&T Independence Questioned

By AT&T Corp. is a Fortune 100 company with a household name and roots dating back to the invention of the telephone in 1875. Yet billions of dollars in company sales are vanishing year after year. This situation has analysts and academics speculating whether AT&T can stay independent. For the 2004 fiscal year, AT&T projects […]

Business News – Bigredwire’s Revenue Model Questioned

Posted: 09/2000 Bigredwire’s Revenue Model Questioned By Chris Garifo Santa Barbara, Calif.-based Pty. Ltd. ( has launched free interstate and international circuit-switched phone-to-phone long-distance service in the United States, but the jury’s out on whether its revenue model will work.The company allows customers to trade time they spend looking at web advertising for long-distance […]

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