Teleglobe Offers Wholesale, Retail Global IPTelephony Services

Posted: 11/1999 Teleglobe Offers Wholesale, Retail Global IP Telephony Services By Khali Henderson Tapping into the nearly $3 billion market for Internet protocol (IP) telephony services, Reston, Va.-based Teleglobe Communications Corp. announced it will offer voice over IP (VoIP) services to its expanding global base of carrier, Internet service provider (ISP), Internet content provider (ICP) […]

From Time and Distance to Bandwidth and Priority

Posted: 11/1999 From Time and Distance to Bandwidth and Priority By Robert Rosenberg The financial markets have created a bubble, which seems to envelop nearly every initial public offering (IPO) of an Internet-related business. Though that bubble will burst, it nevertheless is apparent the public Internet is the new engine of telecommunications that initially will […]

Quiet Crusade

Posted: 11/1999 Quiet Crusade VoIP Wins Converts in Wholesale Markets Around the World By Khali Henderson As carriers scramble to compete in the hyper-competitive long distance markets internationally and domestically, voice over Internet protocol (VoIP)–its promise of cheaper transport and, so far, its lack of regulatory oversight–has become a panacea, enabling them to improve margins […]

Squeezing Bandwidth Out of Voice

Posted: 08/1999 Squeezing Bandwidth Out of Voice By Woody Benson To maximize network performance, corporations have been employing effective data compression schemes for years. Yet, when it comes to voice compression, the benefits often are underestimated. While bandwidth will be more readily available and more cost-effective, there always will be a drive to maximize the […]

Myths and Misconceptions of IP Telephony

Posted: 03/1999 Myths and Misconceptions of IP Telephony By Ofer Gneezy Internet protocol (IP) telephony continues to heat up the already smoking telecommunications industry. As VIP Calling Inc., Burlington, Mass., and other next-generation telcos play David to the established circuit-switched Goliaths, we alternately are buoyed by some analysts’ predictions of an "imminent packetized world" and […]

The Rules Have Changed

Posted: 10/1998 The Rules Have Changed By Khali Henderson The international wholesale buy-sell game is being changed by PTT players, plummenting prices and inconsitant quality. It used to be that a U.S. reseller knew who he was buying international termination from. Today, it’s not so clear. International long distance capacity is often resold three and […]

Diversify or Die

Posted: 03/1998 By Peter Meade As more and more callers use calling cards or collect calls to "dial around" operator-assisted calls, operator service providers (OSPs) are faced with finding new strategies and directions for maintaining their business. The result of dial around has caused the operator services market to decline or flatten–depending on who’s talking–for […]

Disconnected? As Florida Gets Tough on Payphone Quality, Owners Wonder Why

Posted: 02/1998 By Charlene O’Hanlon The Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) has announced it is stepping up inspections and quality assurance within the state’s payphone industry, following a failed spot inspection of about 200 Miami-area payphones. Payphone owners, however, are confused and angered by the PSC’s announcement, citing low consumer complaint rates. The Florida PSC […]

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