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Qwest’s New Wireless Strategy Makes it an Agent

Qwest Communications International Inc. has made good on its intentions to replace Sprint Nextel Corp.as its official wireless provider, choosing Verizon Wireless as the lucky winner of its 24,000 wireless subscribers. More importantly, the five-year Verizon arrangement will eschew the typical MVNO model in favor of an agency relationship; a potentially disruptive move for Qwest. The […]

Qwest Talking to AT&T for Wireless

Qwest Communications International Inc. is now speaking with AT&T Inc. as it decides where to move its 824,000 wireless subscribers, CEO Ed Mueller has confirmed. Last week Mueller said Qwest was in discussions with Verizon Communications Inc. on the same topic. Mueller said Qwest would make a decision soon. An agreement with either cellco would […]

Qwest May Cut Sprint, Move Wireless Subs to Verizon

Qwest Communications International Inc. is in talks with Verizon Communications Inc. to move its 824,000 wireless subscribers onto the Verizon Wireless network, Verizon confirmed on Wednesday. If the deal goes through, it could leverage other Verizon services as well to shore up its service bundles. Qwest, the No. 3 phone company in the United States, […]

New York Certifies New Provider/Reseller

New York State officials have certified MSTI Holdings Inc. as a facilities-based telecom provider and reseller. The company, a subsidiary of Microwave Satellite Technologies Inc., sells quad-play services to residents, hotels and businesses. MSTI Holdings plans to expand into other markets as it is able. MST Inc. www.mst-online.com

Videotron Taps Highdeal for Quad-Play Pricing, Rating

Highdeal SA Inc., a provider of pricing, rating and charging solutions, on Thursday announced that Videotron Ltd. has selected Highdeal Transactive for its billing infrastructure. Videotron, which provides cable television and telephony, as well as interactive multimedia and Internet, implemented Transactive to meet the launch of its new wireless offering in August. We are thrilled […]

reseller channel: Cablecos Sprint to Quad-Play

Four of the nations top cable providers are teaming with Sprint Corp. to deliver a suite of converged services that include live television on wireless phones, combined wireline/wireless mailboxes and more. Advance/Newhouse Communications Inc., Comcast Corp., Time Warner Inc.s cable division and Cox Communications Inc. will resell wireless service from Sprint. Also, they will partner […]

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