Demand Is Pushing Carriers to 10gigE Transport, Panel Says

Demand for Ethernet services among business users continues to grow, pushing carriers toward higher-capacity transport networks like 10-gigabit Ethernet for service backhaul across terrestrial and submarine networks. 10gig Ethernet is going to give them a chance to get to a lower price point for service backhaul, i.e., overall service delivery, than the way they have […]

Pushing Paper (Aside)

Posted: 4/2003 Pushing Paper (Aside) Supply-chain Automation Streamlines Multiparty, Multiprocess Environment By Edward J. Finegold For many carriers, particularly in the Tier 2 and 3 markets, a billing system is the epicenter of customer, service and revenue-focused operations. It is the gatekeeper for customer records, product catalogs, pricing plans and even revenue performance. Often, however, […]

Pushing the LEC Envelope

Posted: 10/2002 Pushing the LEC Envelope Third-party Clearing Evolves into Specialty Billing Service By Khali Henderson IN THE EARLY DAYS OF TELECOM COMPETITION when end users were resistant to change, inclusion of their call records on a LEC bill was pay dirt for startup competitive providers. It was an economical way to invoice and collect […]

Pushing the Billing Envelope…Aside

Posted: 04/1998 Pushing the Billing Envelope…Aside Internet Invoicing Has Telecom Companies Reconsidering the Paper Chase By Khali Henderson As if Tel-Save’s high-profile, exclusive 9-cent long distance offering through America Online wasn’t enough to compete with, the company is giving its residential and small business converts something they probably never had: an interactive bill, accessible 24 […]

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