XConnect Acquires IPeerX

XConnect, a provider of IP peering and federation services and the operator of the XConnect Alliance, today announced it has acquired IPeerX, a U.S.-based VoIP peering company owned by Pulver.com Enterprises, increasing the size of XConnects ENUM registry of VoIP numbers. Jeff Pulver, founder and CEO of Pulver.com Enterprises will become a member of the […]

Video Is the V at This Years VON Conference

The V in VON doesnt just stand for voice, said Jeff Pulver, president and CEO of pulvermedia, and founder of the leading VoIP conference as he kicked off VON Spring, taking place this week in San Jose, Calif. The V also stands for video, he emphasized. Pulver highlighted new IP video services operating in ways […]

VoIP Regulation at Heart of FCCs Upcoming Meeting

Jeff Pulver could be all smiles come Thursday. That is when the FCC is expected to rule on a request that the Internet phone service he launched in November 2002 — Free World Dialup — is not subject to a vast web of telecom rules. During a Feb. 12 meeting at FCC headquarters, the federal […]

FCC Under Pressure on VoIP

Posted: 3/2004 FCC Under Pressure on VoIP Congressman Demands Answers on AT&T Petition By Josh Long A high-ranking congressman this winter pressured the FCC to rule whether AT&T Corp. must pay switched access fees to terminate long-distance traffic carried over its IP network. The request by Rep. Billy Tauzin (R-La.) underscored the concern of rural […]


Posted: 10/2003 Overheard… The nature of the regulatory process tends to obscure rather than clarify the key dynamics. Regulations emerged in telecommunications to resist the anti-consumer tendencies of monopolies. The FCC order considers the risks of monopoly regarding analog Plain Old Telephone Service, but it ignores the long monopoly track record regarding broadband connectivity. Jeff […]

Round Table

Posted: 1/2003 Round Table… …on the impact of voice over IP on the exhaustion of telephone numbers "VoIP providers’ current use of telephone numbers will expand the need for telephone numbers, which could advance the exhaustion of the NPAs [numbering plan areas, or area codes]. Assigning telephone numbers from a particular NPA in one area […]

ITXC Device Eliminates Backhaul for InternationalCarriers, Resellers

Posted: 07/1999 ITXC Device Eliminates Backhaul for International Carriers, Resellers By Khali Henderson Enabling speedy market entry and eliminating backhaul costs for Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs), ITXC Corp., Princeton, N.J., has developed the SNARC, a device that attaches through an E1 or T1 port to an international reseller or carrier’s switch and takes voice […]

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