Cablecos Pull Trigger on Cell Service

After months of speculation, it looks like the Sprint Nextel Corp.-cableco joint venture is about to bear fruit. The wireless operator told USA Today that Time Warner Cable and Comcast Communications will go live with cell service in a handful of markets by the end of the year, with full deployments scheduled for the months […]

Session Explains When, Why SMBs Pull the Trigger on VoIP

SMBs have been slower than expected to trade their TDM systems for VoIP. However, once the benefits are understood, there are a number of factors that can trigger the migration to VoIP, according to panelists in todays session, When and Why SMBs Pull the Trigger on VoIP. Giving partners sales organizations tools to sell VoIP […]

What Makes SMBs Pull the Trigger on VoIP?

When it comes to advancements in telecommunications, SMBs historically have gotten the short end of the technological stick. Large corporations and consumers have been among the early adopters of VoIP due in large part to large corporations having the money to invest in emerging technologies like VoIP in order to save themselves money in the […]

Will Congress Pull Plug on FCC Merger ReviewPower?

Posted: 08/1999 Will Congress Pull Plug on FCC Merger Review Power? By Kim Sunderland Several members of Congress, hell bent on restructuring or even eradicating the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), now are threatening to remove the federal agency’s authority to review proposed mergers between telecommunications companies. While many industry insiders consider this congressional warning ludicrous–mainly […]

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