Windstream Fined for Billing Practices

Windstream will have to pay a $15,000 fine for charging customers for a full billing cycle, even if they dropped their service or changed it before the billing cycle was up.

FairPoint Wants to Renege on Terms of Verizon Merger

Utility regulators in Maine this week will hear arguments from FairPoint Communications that the bankrupt provider should be allowed to delay its five-year broadband expansion plans. The expansion was part of the conditions for FairPoint taking over Verizon Communications Inc.’s landlines in New England – getting high-speed Internet access to more people between April and […]

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Trade Associations Analyst/Consulting Firms Federal Regulatory Agencies State Regulatory Agencies Trade Associations Association for Local Telecommunications Services www.alts.org California Association of Competitive Telecommunications Companies (CALTEL) www.caltel.org Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association www.wow-com.com COMPTEL www.comptel.org DSL Center www.dslcenter.com  (This site has info on DSL and ISPs.) Also includes link to www.dsl-service-providers.net to search for ISPs that […]

Calif. PUC Approves Megamergers, ‘New AT&T’ Launches

California regulators today approved the $8.4 billion merger of Verizon Communications Inc. and MCI Inc., and the $16 billion takeover of AT&T Corp. by SBC Communications Inc., but not without imposing some conditions. The consent was the last in a series of required steps for the mergers to go through, and SBC said the approval […]

Ohio PUC Approves SBC-AT&T Merger

Ohios Public Utilities Commission today approved SBC Communications Inc.s takeover of AT&T Corp. The Arizona Corporation Commission also is expected to act on the merger today and the California Public Utilities Commission is scheduled to vote on the issue Nov. 18. Ohio PUC commissioners decided the merger is entirely consistent with the thrust of telecommunications […]

Qwest Probes Don’t End with Minnesota

The record fine the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission levied Tuesday on Qwest Communications International Inc. marks the first time the phone giant has been penalized this year for striking interconnection agreements with rivals without filing them with state regulators. But it may not be the last penalty Qwest faces. Several other states have opened probes […]

California Opens Door for More Phone Resale

Long distance giants AT&T Corp. and MCI are prepared to invade the California turf of the No. 1 local phone company, Verizon Communications Inc. Yesterday the California Public Utilities Commission reduced the wholesale rates Verizon can charge rivals to lease its local phone network. The decision came 10 months after the regulators slashed the wholesale […]

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Posted: 2/2002 POLICY NEWS  Policy  Links Allegiance Telecom Inc. www.algx.com Arizona Corporation Commission www.cc.state.az.us The Association of Communications Enterprises www.ascent.org AT&T Corp. www.att.com AT&T of the Southern States www.att.com BellSouth Corp. www.bellsouth.com CityNet Telecommunications Inc. www.citynettelecom.com Competitive Telecommunications Association www.comptel.org The Eastern Management Group Inc. www.easternmanagement.com Federal Communications Commission www.fcc.gov Lucent Technologies Inc. www.lucent.com Michigan […]


Posted: 1/2002 POLICY NEWS * AT&T Communications of Texas LP paid about $500,000 in internet access charges owed to XO Texas Inc. XO originally billed AT&T for those fees from April to September. When no money materialized, XO asked the Texas Public Utility Commission (PUC) to step in. The PUC required AT&T to pay XO’s […]

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Posted: 12/2001 News Briefs * In other communications security-related issues, FCC Commissioner Michael Copps said during a recent speech in Washington that because of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the FCC should assume expanded regulatory authority, particularly with respect to the Internet. The FCC, which has statutory mandates with respect to the Communications Assistance for […]

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