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David Byrd: The Best of the Blog 2010

This is a chance for you to read some of the blogs that address our industrys most pressing issues, or just some interesting facts about where IP communications is going, because David Byrds best blogs from 2010 are now available in a compilation.

We Need a Little PR

Establishing a relationship with a PR firm should not be taken lightly. There is the cost, which is not inconsequential. There is the strategy, which has to be developed. Finally, there is the actual plan and execution.

10 Ways to Move from Cost Cutting to Money Making

You suspended pay raises and bonuses. You canceled the cable for the TV in the breakroom. You haven’t taken a full paycheck since the end of the summer. You even whittled the once-lavish holiday party down to a few cheese and veggie trays from the supermarket and a name-drawn gift exchange with a $10 limit. […]

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