Andiamo Launches New Products for International Customers

Andiamo Telecom (Booth 816) has launched a new International Operator Service product for PTTs, CLECs and IXCs all over the world. It allows carriers to generate substantial revenue from a Home Country Direct calling product. Andiamo installs service at customers call centers or at their public payphone locations to allow International travelers the opportunity to […]

Carrier Channel: Swisscom Management Buyout

Posted: 1/2003 Swisscom Management Buyout: Will other PTTs follow? By Josh Long EXECUTIVES OF WHOLESALE CARRIER Swisscom North America reported more frequently to their Swiss parent company in recent years, a process some people say can stymie U.S. managers working for government-controlled PTTs and one that threatens to foil time-sensitive opportunities. That is no longer […]

The Rules Have Changed

Posted: 10/1998 The Rules Have Changed By Khali Henderson The international wholesale buy-sell game is being changed by PTT players, plummenting prices and inconsitant quality. It used to be that a U.S. reseller knew who he was buying international termination from. Today, it’s not so clear. International long distance capacity is often resold three and […]

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