The End of Ubiquity

Nearly 10 percent of Americans have no access to broadband services and another 20 percent have access that is too low/slow to support advanced Internet services such as video or streaming data such as required for Pandora.

Reach Out and Ping Someone

Clearly, AT&T and the other ILECs have to alter their business strategy. However, the direction is not clear. VoIP and mobility may be the method of choice today but neither is the perfect answer.

Just Hurry Up and Die

The trend toward desired obsolescence can best be supported by fully managed services and hosted offerings for businesses, and for consumers perhaps buyback programs such as Best Buys will proliferate.

The Diminishing SIP Trunk, Not!

There are multiple blogs and articles out there devaluing the role and savings associated with SIP Trunks. In each case,  the logic used is compelling but the conclusion somewhat misses the mark.

CTO Summit at VON to Produce Plan for New IP Peering Fabric

PHOENIX (August 12, 2009) — Virgo Publishing, a leading B2B information services company, announced today that the 2009 VON Conference & Expo ( will host a CTO Summit at which leading competitive service providers will develop a road map for creating a nationwide IP-based peering fabric that will bypass the legacy PSTN and support advanced […]

Hosted VoIP: Hope or Hype?

Once the great hope for re-energizing telecom sales, hosted VoIP has not lived up to adoption expectations thanks in no small part to immature technology, poor service delivery, techno-centric sales approaches and end-user misconceptions. The flagging uptake also might have something to do with a channel that’s been unmotivated to push the service because of […]

Channel Partners: A Trunk of Burning VoIP Sales

If theres one area in VoIP thats making partners a lot of money, its SIP trunking. The demand for that PRI replacement solution has been growing steadily, and its a service that represents a way for VARs to shore up hardware margins and for agents to get involved in the VoIP game. Theres still plenty […]

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