SIPping into Something More Comfortable

VoIP is a pretty familiar term these days, thanks to effective mass market campaigns by service providers and virtually everyone from Time magazine to The Wall Street Journal weighing in with an opinion on its future. But your customers may be wondering about how additional data applications tie in with the cheap voice minutes VoIP […]

Spirent Communications Announces Support for Cisco Protocol

Spirent Communications on Tuesday announced support for Cisco Systems SCCP (Skinny) protocol on its Abacus 5000 IP telephony test migration platform. The Abacus 5000 is an integrated VoIP and PSTN test system in a single platform, allowing enterprises to test VoIP calls from and to the PSTN, evaluate IP PBX systems before they are implemented […]

Product News

MERA DEVELOPS VOIPAL SESSION BORDER CONTROLLER MERA Systems Inc., a supplier of VoIP solutions, has released MERA VoIPal, its new session border controller designed to interconnect carriers’ networks with customer enterprises across IP links. MERA VoIPal performs protocol repair, fixes inconsistencies between protocol dialects and converts media codecs. The two-way SIP/H.323 translation capabilities provide direct […]

Crossing Over

Posted: 11/2003 Crossing Over Audio Conferencing Bridges Digital Divide By David Alexander Since 2001, virtually every audio conferencing bridge vendor has developed either an IP-based solution or a strategy to enter this space by the end of 2003. There are a number of IP-based platforms available to enterprise and service provider customers. While the adoption […]

Business News – Switching Leader Joins Softswitch Consortium

Posted: 04/2000 Switching Leader Joins Softswitch Consortium BY CHARLOTTE WOLTER After months of negotiation and compromise, Lucent Technologies Inc. has joined the Softswitch Consortium, an organization of more than 70 vendors and service providers formed to develop internetworking technologies for Internet-based real-time interactive communications.Many in the consortium ( consider Lucent’s inclusion critical because of its […]

Qwest To Roll Out All-Optical IP Network

Posted: 01/2000 Qwest To Roll Out All-Optical IP Network Qwest Communications International Inc. ( has announced plans to roll out an all-optical Internet protocol (IP) network that will provide customers with new Internet and managed bandwidth services while reducing operation costs by as much as 70 percent over traditional network technologies. The optical carrier (OC)-192-speed […]

IP Call Control Still Under Construction

Posted: 10/1999 IP Call Control Still Under Construction By Charlotte Wolter Building the standards for call control in IP networks is an ongoing process, though the effort has reached an important milestone with H.248 Large-scale deployments of Internet protocol (IP) telephone networks still have failed to materialize, despite several years of feverish interest and investigation […]

Business News – MSF Reports Strong Progress on VoATM and VoIP

Posted: 10/1999 MSF Reports Strong Progress on VoATM and VoIP The Multiservice Switching Forum (MSF) says it has surpassed its goals for organizational growth and progress toward defining an architecture that will allow one network–based on Internet protocol (IP) and asynchronous transfer mode (ATM)–to support multiple services. In an announcement this summer, MSF reported that […]

IP Telephony Interoperability Remains Topical

Posted: 08/1999 IP Telephony Interoperability Remains Topical By Paula Bernier In general, Internet protocol (IP) telephony and, specifically, interoperability, were hot topics at SUPERCOMM ’99 in Atlanta. Of course, as with all new technologies, interoperability among different vendors’ products is always an issue, and IP telephony is no exception. Although the 3 1/2-year-old industry quickly […]

IP Puts New Spin on Fax

Posted: 06/1999 IP Puts New Spin on Fax By Brandy Pfalmer Even with the introduction of e-mail and its fast acceptance into the marketplace, faxing continues to be the most widely accepted mechanism for transporting information, making up a large part of a company’s phone bill. In fact, a study by the Gallup Organization for […]

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