You May Have Missed This In Sales Training

Working in telecom, I have learned some of lifes lessons the hard way. As a former sales executive in companies as small as USTeleCenters and as large as AT&T, I want to pass on a few ideas that may smooth your way over the road ahead. You dont ask, you dont get You dont ask, […]

Shocking the System

Posted: 1/2004 Shocking the System Regulators Warn Against Applying Old Rules to Broadband Over Power Line By Josh Long Small Internet providers grumble a duopoly the RBOCs and cable operators controls the consumer broadband market. That might change within the next few years. The U.S. utility industry is considering whether to beam high-speed data over […]

Sales seminar: How to Avoid Being the Designated Loser

Posted: 10/2002 SALES SEMINAR How to Avoid Being the Designated Loser Wayne M. Thomas, D.B.A EARLIER THIS YEAR there was a big hullabaloo about whether David Letterman would leave CBS for ABC. Millions of dollars were at stake for both networks. By becoming the center of a bidding war, Letterman gained leverage to play the […]

Agency Channel: Do You Turn Cold Calls Into One-Call Closes?

Posted: 05/2000 Do You Turn Cold Calls Into One-Call Closes? By Marilyn Dooley So, when was the last time you made a cold call and turned it into a one-call close? I asked myself that question the other day and, well, … if truth were told, the answer was not what it should be. Nor […]

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