Congress Proposes to Repeal 3 Percent Excise Tax

A group of House representatives is calling for the end of a telephony excise tax that mostly affects low-income, elderly and rural citizens. Reps. John Lewis, D-Ga., Jim Ramstad, R-Minn., Rick Boucher, D-Va., and Gary Miller, R-Calif., introduced the Telephone Excise Repeal Act of 2007 on Wednesday. Telecom companies and associations support the proposal. Congress […]

Linking to the Law

The Federal Communications Commission recently released a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and Declaratory Ruling laying out the agency’s proposed approach to implementing a legal framework for the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA), particularly as it applies to packet-mode technologies such as VoIP. The Aug. 9, 2004, proposal, if adopted, is expected to impact […]

Riding the Third Wire

Some energy companies planning to offer broadband service over their power grids want to market technology and lease their infrastructure to Internet service providers, phone companies and other utilities. In March, Cinergy Corp. announced a joint venture with equipment maker Current Communications Group LLC to market broadband technology to municipally-owned power companies and rural electric […]

FCC Proposes 12 ILEC Measurements

Posted: 1/2002 FCC Proposes 12 ILEC MeasurementsPre-Ordering Measurement 1. OSS Pre-Order Interface Response Timeliness: Measures whether an incumbent’s pre-ordering systems provide reasonably prompt response times. Order Measurements 2. Order Notifier Timeliness: Measures the amount of time it takes an incumbent to send a notice either confirming whether an order placed by a competitor has been […]

CompTel Proposes New FCC Bureau

Posted: 08/1999 CompTel Proposes New FCC Bureau By Kim Sunderland Federal Communications Commission (FCC) reform should include creation of a new Competition Bureau that would streamline agency processes and be more apt at dealing with industry changes and technological convergence, the Washington-based Competitive Telecommunications Association (CompTel) says. CompTel’s June 28 comments are in response to […]

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