PacketFront Helps Mexican Provider Serve Low-Income Users

Mexican service provider Internet por Fibra S.A. de C.V. (Interfibra) has tapped PacketFront to supply an automated broadband solution for use in several low-income housing projects. The value of the deal, which includes PacketFronts BECS, a control and provisioning system, and Access Switching Routers (ASRs), was not disclosed. In partnership with local property developers, Interfibra […]

Digital Realty Buys Two Additional Properties

Digital Realty Trust Inc. has acquired two properties, one in Chicago and the other in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The technology real estate company bought Printers Square, the Chicagos South Loop neighborhood, for approximately $39.0 million. The property is an Internet gateway for the Midwest, containing technical facilities for a number of telecom network service providers and […]

Peer Networks – Plague or Promise?

The reemergence of the peer network has begun the discussion of whether there is a way for organizations to capitalize and make money. The fact that almost 70 percent of all traffic on the Internet today is peer-to-peer (P2P) gives us an indication of the rapid growth and penetration of P2P technology. The P2P networking […]

Online Marketing & the Law – Part II

Posted: 1/2004 Online Marketing & the Law – Part II BEST PRACTICES, PROTECTING YOUR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY By David O. Klein and John T. Um (Editor’s note: In late 2003, Congress passed federal legislation regulating unsolicited commercial e-mail. The authors of this article will present an overview of the new law in an upcoming issue of […]

Special Report: Terrorism Forces Review of Communications Policy

Posted: 11/2001 Special Report Restoring America’s Connections Terrorism Forces Review of Communications Policy By Kim Sunderland The nation’s communications regulatory stage will be set and reset during the coming months, as policymakers grapple with the rules and decisions that will affect telecom, broadcast and the information sectors in light of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks […]

Bottom Line: Don’t Get Caught Web of Taxation

Posted: 09/2000 Don’t Get Caught Web of Taxation By A. Dale Currie Jr. and Bob Geppert When Scottish poet and novelist Sir Walter Scott wrote, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave,” it was a philosophical thought regarding people’s deceptive practices during the early 1800s.Of course, that was long before the advent of mass telecommunications […]

A Taxing Situation

Posted: 06/2000 A Taxing Situation IRS, State Collection Methods Become Clearer By Gary T. Rhodus While clarity is appearing in the application, there is a fundamental lack of appreciation for what the changes mean to the prepaid service provider. The service provider will be relieved of tax liability in only a few cases. More often […]

Business News – Switching Leader Joins Softswitch Consortium

Posted: 04/2000 Switching Leader Joins Softswitch Consortium BY CHARLOTTE WOLTER After months of negotiation and compromise, Lucent Technologies Inc. has joined the Softswitch Consortium, an organization of more than 70 vendors and service providers formed to develop internetworking technologies for Internet-based real-time interactive communications.Many in the consortium ( consider Lucent’s inclusion critical because of its […]

Keep Competitors Off Your Intellectual Property

Posted: 09/1999 Keep Competitors Off Your Intellectual Property Telecommunications companies, like other technology-related ventures, often base their businesses on the unique and proprietary nature of their business ideas, processes, products and services. Indeed, it is these proprietary products and services that allow many telecommunications businesses to stake out a niche in the marketplace and to […]

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