Open Airwaves

The FCC veered from its recent pro-bigbusiness course in July when it approved rules that will, in part, foster innovation and bring new players to the broadband wireless market. At their monthly meeting, commissioners laid out the requirements for the upcoming 700MHz spectrum auction. The bandwidth will open up in early 2009 as TV broadcasters […]

Air Traffic Control

IT SHOULD COME AS NO SURPRISE that the state of the mobile enterprise is in disarray. Because wireless carriers initially built their businesses in the consumer markets, enterprises long have been treated as an amalgamation of consumers. Too often employees procure their own wireless services and expense the cost an approach that fails to deliver […]

KeaneTel, The ASCII Group Partner to Promote Telecom Services

KeaneTel and the ASCII Group have signed an agreement to jointly promote VoIP, voice, data, Internet access, VPNs and other KeaneTel services, through the ASCII Group membership to the small and medium business marketplace across North America. This multiyear agreement offers ASCII members exclusive benefits in marketing the services for KeaneTel. KeaneTel also has negotiated […]

Industry Reacts to Martin as FCC Head

Now that President Bush has named FCC Commissioner Kevin Martin as head of the agency, industry groups are responding with praise and approval. Walter B. McCormick, Jr., president and CEO of the United States Telecom Association, said he applauds Martins selection. At a time of dramatic change for the communications industry, Kevin Martins insightful leadership […]

Stop Whining

First of all, let me say that I follow the telephone industry closely, but have never worked for a telephone operating company. The article “The Forgotten Quo” from your May issue was interesting, and for the most part factually accurate. But a few things were omitted, and other things were distorted. Congress, in its infinite […]

Agency Channel: News Briefs

Posted: 02/2001 News Briefs * DSL provider Copper Mountain Networks Inc. ( has launched the "CopperChannel" partner program to expand distribution in Asia, Europe and North America. Members can sell the company’s full line of DSL equipment for the CO, digital loops and multitenant unit (MTU) broadband networks. Copper Mountain expects partners to be experienced […]

Business News – Coalition Formed to Promote Convergence

Posted: 08/2000 Coalition Formed to Promote Convergence More than a dozen telecommunications company have formed the National Convergence Alliance (, an organization whose mission is to define, promote and educate about convergence in the communications industry.“Industry leaders have been looking for a means of bringing together the elements of convergence clearly and understandably,” says Don […]

Internet Telephony – Venezuela May Promote Web Through Prepaid Internet

Posted: 06/2000 Venezuela May Promote Web Through Prepaid Internet Venezuela may introduce prepaid cards to allow Internet technology access for low-income families and to bring its population into the cyber age.According to the Defining Presence Marketing Group (, the typical Internet user has an average family income of $60,000. Out of 150 million Internet users, […]

Business News – Competitors Keep PACE with Alliance to Promote UNE-P

Posted: 06/2000 Competitors Keep PACE with Alliance to Promote UNE-P By Kim Sunderland A coalition of CLECs has formed a new group that will focus on ensuring competitive telecom services are delivered to residential subscribers and small businesses through use of the unbundled network element platform (UNE-P).Coalition representatives Genevieve Morelli and Joseph Gillan, recognized authorities […]

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