Mobility Management Promises Partners More Money

Mobility management holds different connotations for nearly everyone, but panelists today will emphasize that mobility management means money-making opportunity for channel partners. First and foremost, channel partners ought to be helping their enterprise customers oversee not just the expense end of wireless telecommunications they also should provide lifecycle management such as device procurement, remote kill, […]

Get the Scoop on VarTec’s Transformation

If you are interested in finding out more about VarTec’s transformation into Excel Telecommunications, you can find out more on Channel Partners LIVE! Web radio show today at 4 p.m. (see story). John Davis, Excels director of channel sales, will be our guest and promises to share insights into the company’s past year and its […]

Mirapoint Starts Partner Program for Providers

Mirapoint, maker of messaging servers, has launched its managed e-mail and e-mail security services partner program for providers offering managed services. The program will provide technical and sales and marketing support for participants using Mirapoints Message Server and RazorGate appliances. It also includes installation, and migration training, tools and support. Mirapoint further promises high-margin recurring […]

Mobile Experience Promises to be Personal

Posted: 03/2001 Mobile Experience Promises to be Personal By Josh Long Crawling through Los Angeles traffic gridlock on a Friday night, a car dealer uses his mobile phone to access the company Intranet to re-examine his staff’s sales numbers. Through a pair of instant messages, he learns his starched shirts are ready for pick-up, and […]

DSL Promises Still May Be Kept

Posted: 11/2000 DSL Promises Still May Be Kept We are hearing it repeatedly. DSL may not be the be-all, end-all for faster service. The promises during the past few years of meeting the need for speed among Internet users have failed, because in most instances DSL has not been provisioned. While carriers continue to say […]

Client-Server Technology Comes to Telephony Switching

Posted: 02/1999 Client-Server Technology Comes to Telephony Switching Alternative to Mainframe CO Gear Promises Lower Costs, Open Applications Development By Peter Lambert Illustration by Ben Folkertsma Just as distributed servers and client workstations replaced many bulky, centralized mainframe computers in data networks over the past decade, so distributed networks of servers, workstations and software have […]

"The Check is in the Mail"

Posted: 05/1998 "The Check is in the Mail" Local Competition in New York By Andrew O. Isar Promises and reality are often miles apart. Despite the best of intentions (or lack thereof), promises have a nasty habit of not being met. When a promise is made by someone with a dubious record of keeping promises, […]

Delivering on Promises

Posted: 04/1998 By Robert J. Marino As the Telecommunications Act of 1996 celebrates its second anniversary, competition and convergence are gaining momentum. Due to dramatic change expected over the next 24 to 36 months, providers of local and long distance telephone service, cable, wireless and Internet access will compete for market share within an increasingly […]

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