Judge Bars Vonage From Signing New Subs

A federal judge has barred Vonage Holdings Corp. from signing up new subscribers because it infringed on three Verizon Communications Inc. patents. Vonage plans to immediately appeal the ruling. U.S. District Judge Claude Hilton on Friday told Vonage he would hold the injunction against the company as punishment for the infringement. The Associated Press reported that Vonage’s […]

IMS Forum on a Mission to Educate

Perhaps no topic has been hotter this year than IMS, a network architecture and services framework that enables service providers to offer consumers new blended applications and services across any wireline or wireless network, to any device. Learn how to cut through the spin and the jargon during the IMS Forums conference program on Monday, […]

Delivering VoIPs Promise

VOIP MAY BE SNOWBALLING IN acceptance among enterprises and consumers, but the provisioning of all those new VoIP customer order requests has emerged as a new front in the war against inefficiency. Service providers are discovering they have to first fulfill back-office requirements before they can fulfill the promise of VoIP. VoIP provisioning is a […]

InfiniRoute VoIP Direct Helps Carriers Connect Emerging Markets

InfiniRoute Networks Inc., which provides managed VoIP peering services for carriers, has unveiled VoIP Direct, giving Tier 1 carriers connections to carriers in emerging global markets such as Latin America, Asia Pacific and Eastern Europe. InfiniRoute says VoIP Direct provides transparent VoIP peering over one connection that establishes a VoIP peering community. The new service […]

Peer Networks – Plague or Promise?

The reemergence of the peer network has begun the discussion of whether there is a way for organizations to capitalize and make money. The fact that almost 70 percent of all traffic on the Internet today is peer-to-peer (P2P) gives us an indication of the rapid growth and penetration of P2P technology. The P2P networking […]

Collateral Damage

Posted: 4/2003 Collateral Damage Line Sharing Surprising Casualty of FCC Dealmaking By Josh Long Executives at Covad Communications Co. were stunned by the Federal Communications Commission decision to eliminate line-sharing requirements, particularly since two Democrat commissioners apparently phased out the regulations in order to make a compromise in its Triennial Review order governing telephone and […]

Phone Companies Offer FCC Compromise on UNE War

Ten local phone companies have filed a proposal with the Federal Communications Commission offering what may be the first formal compromise over one of the most poignant telecommunications debates of the year. Under a proposal filed with the FCC Nov. 6, local phone companies would be required to buy their own switches rather than leasing […]

Wholesale Channel: OSS Advances Preserve Promise of UNE-P

Posted: 1/2002 Wholesale Channel OSS Advances Preserve Promise of UNE-P By Fred Dawson Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC) executives who view the unbundled network element platform (UNE-P) as a failed model for competition may soon find it’s harder to make their case. This, in part, is thanks to better UNE-P operational efficiencies and a new […]

Wholesale Channel

Posted: 1/2002 Wholesale Channel OSS Advances Preserve Promise of UNE-P Choose Your Web Hosting Wholesaler Well New PaeTec Partner Targets Resellers NextWave, FCC Settle Dispute Over PCS Licenses NEWS BRIEFS

Back Office – Convergent Billing Slow to Catch On Despite Promise

Advanced Search Latest state, federal regulatory compliance actions. Posted: 08/2001 Back Office Convergent Billing Slow to Catch On Despite Promise By Chris Garifo A single, convergent bill for residential and business telecommunications consumers has been an industry Holy Grail for years now, but the move toward reaching that goal is taking longer than the initial […]

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