Customer Service, Contracts and Equity

Posted: 01/1999 Customer Service, Contracts and Equity An Agent Roundtable –Part One PHONE+ recently hosted an editorial roundtable with several members of the now-infamous 20 Group, a band of independent agents that frequently assembles to share experiences and insights on the business of selling telecommunications services independently. As every agent manager knows, independent agents won’t […]

Diving for Dollars

Posted: 10/1998 Diving for Dollars Agents and their underlying carriers are increasingly diving into equity programs, bonuses and creative buy-backs. Will the golden parachutes open? Participants and observers share their views. By Bob Titsch Jr. and Peter Meade Agent equity programs have arrived. Their growth potential is astounding and the programs themselves may become equally […]

People on the Move

Posted: 01/1998 People on the Move AVIRNEX Communications Group has appointed Geoff Mullins President of Southeast Asia and Managing Director of AVIRNEX Communications Australia, Pty., Ltd. Mullins has substantial experience in the communications industry, having served as director and chair of a number of both public and private corporations with Australian and international operations. The […]

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