McLeodUSA: Twice Bitten

Once beloved by Wall Street, McLeodUSA Inc. is in hot water again. The telecommunications carrier is pursuing a strategic partner or sale of the company and has disclosed it may be forced to seek protection from its creditors while its auditor, Deloitte Touche LLP, has raised substantial doubt over McLeodUSAs ability to continue as a […]

Last-Mile Matchmaking Goes Online

On Valentine’s Day, Last Mile Connections (LMC) appropriately announced it has moved its matchmaking platform online and extended it to seven additional markets. The company’s services have been provided to CLECs on a broker basis - using phone, fax and instant messaging - in the New York metro area where it inventories and connects to some 800 […]

Go-Between Aids PCS Providers

While carrier’s carriers are finding a play in providing services to mobile operators, one telecom broker also has found a niche with PCS providers. Paradigm Telecom has cultivated a business of helping these wireless carriers specify and source network and equipment via a single point of contact. Paradigm was established in May 2001 by a […]

Will a Lower Profile Lead to Higher Profits?

Does everybody want to do wireless? At first glance, it seems that way. New wireless services are cropping up at some unusual venues, such as 7-Eleven convenience stores, and bearing non-telecom brand names such as Virgin and MTV. Having spun off its wireless unit in 2001, AT&T Corp. plans to get back into the wireless […]

Business News – IMTC iNOW! Activity Group Formed

Posted: 08/1999 IMTC iNOW! Activity Group Formed he International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium (IMTC) has formed an activity group that will focus on enhancing and furthering real-world interoperability enabled by the iNOW! Profile. The iNOW!, or interoperability NOW, Profile is an interoperability agreement developed by key vendors and operators in the industry to provide gateway-to-gateway and […]

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