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New Agents On the Block

What’s it like to be a startup telecom agency in today’s converged technology world?

Mentoring Delivers Results and So Much More

My mentor helped me write a business plan and held me accountable for it, but there is more to our relationship than that; she and I have become friends and advocates for each other.

Growing a Lifestyle Business

I’ve always loved New Year’s. It’s such a good time to reflect on what you have created in your life and business, to process what you have learned, and to imagine your life ahead in the coming year. Recently, I took out a sheet of paper and listed all the things I love about my […]

Relationships and Attitudes in the Agent Channel Part 2

Dan Vidal, Co-founder and Managing Director, Telecom Advisors Inc. Here is the promised part two to my previous blog about relationships, which I wrote after attending the second Peer-to-Peer Agent Mixer at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Miami Beach. This blog is on the other major theme that I saw at the mixer: […]

Where Do We Go From Here (After the ‘Peer-to-Peer Agent Mixer’)?

Dan Vidal, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Telecom Advisors Inc. I recently attended the Channel Partners Expo in Las Vegas and participated in the Agent Only ‘Peer-to-Peer Mixer’ along with many other agents (seemed like close to 100!). The energy and feedback seemed really positive and I believe many (myself included) received a lot of benefit […]

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