iPhone 6: Look for a Sept. 19 Release Date

The iPhone 6 might actually be two phones: It’s been widely reported that we’ll see a version with a 4.7-inch screen and one with a 5.5-inch display — although Apple has confirmed none of it.

Was Apple’s iPhone 5c a Mistake?

After being long-criticized for only releasing one handset a year, the numbers show that Apple might have made an error by offering up two new iPhones in 2013.

OmniBill ASP from Profitec Offers Control, Flexibility

Profitec Billing Services Inc. (Booth 815), a Wallingford, Conn.-based communications billing service bureau, has introduced OmniBill ASP. This licensed product offering is designed specifically for the larger communications provider that wants better control and flexibility of its billing system while incurring a relatively fixed billing expense. Profitec typically offers a minimal upfront expense and pay-as-you-go […]

Thanks for the Memories

As with most things in life, this special anniversary issue was not created in a vacuum. So, it is with sincere gratitude that the editors of PHONE+ thank the executives, their assistants and their public relations staffs for their efforts in tracking down 20-year-old data, logos and photos, and, of course, accessing the old gray […]

OSG Improves PAETECs Billing Design, Functionality

PAETEC Communications Inc. (Booth 804), a subsidiary of PAETEC Corp., has chosen OSG Billing Services (Booth 817) to manage its invoice presentment and distribution services. PAETEC provides integrated communication services, including local and long-distance voice services, data and Internet services, software applications, network integration services and managed services. PAETEC turned to OSG Billing Services to […]

TAG: Which Telecom Sales Career is Right for You?

Posted: 04/2002 Which Telecom Sales Career is Right for You? By DeVaux McLeanA FEW FRIENDS AND I were discussing how we got into the telecom business and what we’d done, good or bad, to arrive where we are today. Each member of the discussion had been in business at least eight years, but none followed […]

A Road Map for Internet Billing

Posted: 03/1999 A Road Map for Internet Billing Part Two of Three By Richard K. Crone While Internet bill present and payment (IBPP) promises to streamline and simplify the bill payment process, there is nothing inherently simple about launching an IBPP program. Part of the challenge is that there already are at least six electronic […]

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