ISPs See Telcos as Strategic Partners, ResaleDistribution Channel

Posted: 10/1997 ISPs See Telcos as Strategic Partners, Resale Distribution Channel Among the many value-added services telecommunications resellers are looking at to round out their product portfolio, there is one–Internet access –conspicuous as much by its absence as its allure. Annual surveys by Boston-based strategy consulting firm ATLANTIC-ACM reveal that many inter-exchange carriers fell short […]

Catching the Eye of the Beholder

Posted: 10/1997 Catching the Eye of the Beholder Telephone Booths and Enclosures By Debera Bell-Beam Superman made them famous. In fact, he made them almost clichi. Today, nearly every action movie carries on the tradition of the mad dash to make a critical call, whether it be into Superman’s walk-in or a super cyber booth […]

Selecting a Customer Care System

Posted: 09/1997 Selecting a Customer Care System By Rizwan Kheraj Consumers drive the market changes in today’s competitive telecommunications industry. To acquire and retain customers in this environment, telecommunications service providers must fully understand and exceed their customers’ expectations. Quality customer care systems are essential. As the battle for market share heats up, incumbent service […]

Product News

Posted: 09/1997 Product News Access Communications Releases AccessAbility 4.5 KAILUA, Hawaii–Access Communications Inc. has released AccessAbility 4.5, an upgraded version of its current billing program. Michael Colbert, president and CEO of Access Communications, says, "AccessAbility utilizes Windows-based client server billing applications with a complete integrated sales and management, bidirectional switch interfacing." AccessAbility now features over […]

Know Your Enemy

Posted: 09/1997 Know Your Enemy The Role of Competitive Intelligence in the Telecom Industry By Steve Racz The world’s most stunningly successful companies did not arrive at their preeminent positions by reading tea leaves to understand the behavior of their competitors and the direction of their markets. Companies like Metropolitan Life, General Electric, Intel, Microsoft, […]

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