INTERVIEW: FCC Chairman Michael Powell

Posted: 04/2002 FCC Chairman Michael Powell By Fred Dawson & Kim SunderlandIN ADVANCE OF FCC CHAIRMAN Michael K. Powell’s keynote presentation in March at the Competitive Telecommunications Association PHONE+ editor at large Fred Dawson and contributing writer Kim Sunderland spoke to the head of the nation’s telecommunications regulatory body regardingcompetition and regulation. The following is […]

There’s A Hole in the Bucket, Dear Telco

Posted: 10/2001 There’s A Hole in the Bucket, Dear Telco By Jeff Maszal, Donna Nogay and Kelly O’Donnell Hughes Are average American consumers — our mothers, our brothers, our classmates, our colleagues, our children — unreasonable? Most of us don’t need to see all the research studies to know that most customers have reasonable expectations, […]

Roberta Tamburrino

Posted: 05/2001 Roberta Tamburrino Empathy with Customers Leads Her to Find Solutions By Bruce Christian A few years back, Roberta Tamburrino found herself in a job that was classic Catch-22: She couldn’t execute without properly trained staff, and the company was not willing to provide the procedures for training them. "I was put into a […]

Agency – The Pro Behind ProDial

Posted: 04/2001 Agency The Pro Behind ProDial Why William DeVaux McLean’s Company is an Industry Example By Bruce Christian The marriage of sales and marketing abilities with his electronics knowledge resulted in a business that allows William DeVaux McLean to excel … and make a lot of money. "It is the best business in the […]

Shrinkage, Not Just Slim Margins, in Profits’Way

Posted: 07/1999 Shrinkage, Not Just Slim Margins, in Profits’ Way By Mark Darrow Despite rumors to the contrary, the Telecommunications Act of 1996 actually has produced a richly competitive landscape. There literally are hundreds of competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs) in each incumbent LEC (ILEC) calling area. Business customers and individual consumers throughout the United […]

Resale Channel: Stop Gold from Turning to Straw

Posted: 06/1999 Stop Gold from Turning to Straw By Eileen M. McGervey You’ve sold the accounts and signed up the customers. Watch the money roll in. But wait, it’s not as much as you thought. Maybe next month? It’s still not there. Sometimes it’s not the sale, it’s the post-sale. So before you start blaming […]

Don’t Overlook Non-IS Systems in Y2K Planning

Posted: 12/1998 Don’t Overlook Non-IS Systems in Y2K Planning By Jim Marsh Got Y2K covered? Don’t congratulate yourself too soon. There may be a whole world of strategic, but noncritical back-office applications you haven’t even considered. Two little numbers! "00." They are causing massive headaches for the world’s information technologists. When computer memory was expensive, […]

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