Dont Walk Away From This Question

By Dan Baldwin, director of sales ATEL Communications Inc. Having a great prospect list and the lowest prices don’t help much if all your best prospects are in the middle of a long-term contract for their voice and data services. So what do you do to get your foot in the door and stay visible […]

Skype Reports Outage

Internet phone provider Skype reported Thursday that many of its customers cant log in to the service. The company, which is owned by eBay Inc., said on its Web site that the service should be back up in 12 to 24 hours. The company said its engineering team has determined it is a software problem. […]

FCC Seeks Comments on Net Neutrality

Comments to the FCC are due June 15 regarding the agencys inquiry into net neutrality. Reply comments will be due a month later, on July 16. Commissioners in March agreed to investigate whether net neutrality is a problem. It especially wants to know whether anyone has specific examples of beneficial or harmful behavior. FCC

How Do You Know What You Dont Know?

When we made the decision to begin a new company that develops Wi-Fi hotspots in hospitality venues, I asked my business partner what issues were likely to bite us in the rear end. Over the course of the next few days, we brainstormed some of the obvious possibilities, including changes in technology, changing revenue models, […]

TNS Deliver Revenue Assurance

A new revenue assurance solution from Transaction Network Services’ Telecommunication Services Division (Booth 124) allows service providers to use SS7 network intelligence to prevent revenue leaks by monitoring and enforcing terms of interconnect agreements. The company says revenue leaks happen because switches are designed to process and terminate calls without regard to interconnect agreements. Intercarrier […]

Breaking Bad Habits

Posted: 11/2003 Breaking Bad Habits Simple Fixes to Common Customer Care Blunders By Jim Marsh Telecom players extol their commitments to customer service. Every providers marketing materials profess to focus on the customer and the advantages prospects will gain from being part of the carriers family. Yet, once a service provider has gained a customer, […]

Firewalls, Schmirewalls

Posted: 10/2003 Firewalls, Schmirewalls You Can Provide VoIP Services to Security-Conscious Customers Using Network-Boundary Solutions By Dan Freedman As anyone who has ever put together a voiceover- IP (VoIP) network involving a firewall can tell you, firewalls and VoIP dont mix very well at all. In fact, most VoIP communications will stop dead at the […]

RESELLER CHANNEL: Broadband Brokers Rebrand Business-class Cable Access

Posted: 3/2003 Broadband Brokers Rebrand Business-class Cable Access By Khali Henderson Cablecos are taking a closer look at the advantages value-added resellers can play in bringing large multilocation business clients onto their high-speed services. At the urging of MegaPath Networks Inc., an aggregator of broadband access networks for distributed enterprises, Cox Business Services LLC is […]

Surviving in the New ‘Incremental Economy’

Posted: 12/2002 Surviving in the New ‘Incremental Economy’ THE RULES HAVE CHANGED FOR SUPPLIERS of IT products and services. With industry revenue growth constrained to the mid-single digits, new go-to-market strategies must replace those used during the previous period of hyper expansion. IT markets are entering a new era that Aberdeen Group Inc. has coined […]

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