No More Horsing Around

By Peter Radizeski, RAD-INFO Second quarter earnings are being reported. As usual, ILEC’s are ringing up big income. But in the channel, the integration is still a work in progress. The Four Horseman seem to have a problem internally. Granted that this is still fairly early. But agents still need to be able to do […]

What Does Football Have to Do With It?

The keynote address at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo was the inimitable Joe Theismann — NFL football great. You probably heard that he was well-received by the mostly-male crowd at the show. Personally, I was impressed at how many times he jumped up on the riser/stage given his bum leg and advancing years (I’m […]

Should You Be Concerned With CALEA? Probably

While new economic realities force telecommunications carriers and service providers to cut personnel and drastically reduce operating expenses, these companies are bearing ever increasing costs to meet new mandates from law enforcement agencies. These legal demands often force an increase in personnel and operating costs associated with servicing legal orders for customers records and lawful […]

Round Table

…ON AT&T CORP.’S PROPOSAL TO PROVIDE CONSUMERS LOCAL PHONE SERVICE OVER ITS OWN SWITCHED NETWORK IN EXCHANGE FOR LOWER WHOLESALE RATES ON THE REGIONAL BELLS WIRES CONNECTING HOMES TO TELEPHONE CENTRAL OFFICES. “If the Bell companies accept this offer, the industry’s leaders can turn confrontation into conciliation by solving one of the most significant controversies […]

360Networks on the Hunt for a Profit

In the summer of 2001, before the bankruptcies and scandals crushed the shares of Global Crossing Ltd., WorldCom Inc. and other telecommunications titans, there was the downfall of 360Networks Corp. Led by a former Microsoft Corp. finance chief, Greg Maffei, Vancouver-based 360Networks ran out of cash during the broadband marathon to lay fiber cables under […]

Regulatory News – Texas PUC Chairman Pat Wood Stands on Threshold of Change

Posted: 02/2001 Texas PUC Chairman Pat Wood Stands on Threshold of Change By Kim Sunderland Pat Wood, Texas PUC Chairman Texas Public Utility Commission (PUC, Chairman Pat Wood III has famous dimples, according to his executive assistant, and he might be bringing them to Washington later this year. Wood is poised to take a position […]

Information Overload

Posted: 06/1998 Information Overload I got an interesting call today from a businessman seeking information on telecommunications services. He started out talking about a limited-time offer being pitched by his service provider, and asked whether he should sign up. Then, he got on the topic of long distance resellers and the telecommunications market at large. […]

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