8 Ways to Keep From Being No. 1

No one consciously strives to be second-best; here are eight behaviors that, unbeknownst to you, might be keeping your company out of first place.

Network Insight Showcases Control Solution

San Diego-based Network Insight, a provider of network infrastructure and operations consulting and managed services for service providers, said on Monday at COMPTEL it now offers technology for implementing content control and shaping methods for service providers. The companys control solution includes: Consulting for service control Customized solutions for traffic monitoring Training for service providers […]

BellSouth Launches Nationwide Business Data Service

BellSouth Corp. has launched a nationwide data service for businesses. BellSouth Managed Network VPN service utilizes the security and flexibility of MPLS to allow internetworking of multiple access methods across carrier networks for a consistent customer experience in any service location. Many businesses have the challenge of linking multiple office facilities broadly distributed throughout the […]

Qwest Enhances iQ Networking

Qwest Communications International Inc. has enhanced its iQ Networking enterprise WAN data suite by expanding its global footprint, adding a new QoS prioritization queue and providing new CPE options. Our customers want smart transport, lots of access options and service assurance across the world, with simple, end-to-end management, says Qwest Director of Product Management Martin […]

Little Sales Cycle of Horrors

“Feed me, Seymour!” No, it’s not the roar of a giant, man-eating Venus Flytrap. It’s your funnel calling. Keeping the sales funnel full (that is, making sure you have new prospects and likely buyers in your pipeline at all times) is a hallmark of successful salespeople. But the funnel’s hungry - constantly. Generating and tracking multiple […]

Good Ethics Must Become Priority for Renewal in Our Industry

Posted: 3/2003 Good Ethics Must Become Priority for Renewal in Our Industry By Wayne M. Thomas, D.B.A. I sat in disbelief at George Gilder’s Telecosm conference as our speaker, the CFO from WorldCom Inc., speculated about how WorldCom would right itself from bankruptcy. They "restated" $9 billion in revenue and were newly separated from their […]

Wireless – TSTT Chooses LHS Platform

Posted: 06/2000 TSTT Chooses LHS Platform Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago Ltd. ( has selected the LHS Priority Call’s ORYX platform from LHS Group Inc. ( to deliver prepaid wireless services to its subscribers.TSTT is the fifth Oryx installation in the Caribbean region. LHS Priority Call Inc. (, a subsidiary of LHS Group in […]

From Time and Distance to Bandwidth and Priority

Posted: 11/1999 From Time and Distance to Bandwidth and Priority By Robert Rosenberg The financial markets have created a bubble, which seems to envelop nearly every initial public offering (IPO) of an Internet-related business. Though that bubble will burst, it nevertheless is apparent the public Internet is the new engine of telecommunications that initially will […]

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